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Whether you run a small business or manage a large warehouse, finding a dependable garage door company that you can rely on does not just happen by chance. There are many companies out there offering commercial garage door repair services, and all of them will claim to give you and your business the best assistance. If you are in the market for a repair company, it is important to exercise due diligence. Read on for some questions you ask to determine who to call when you need repairs on your commercial garage door.

Do they have experience with commercial doors?

Before you start booking a potential contractor, ask if they have experience working with commercial garage door installation and repair. Commercial garage doors may have a complex setup that requires complex solutions. A company that mainly deals with residential garage doors may not know the labor costs of your needed service, the type of equipment necessary for the job, or the safety precautions required in fixing commercial doors. On the other hand, companies specializing in this type of garage door are more likely to be efficient and effective.

Are their technicians licensed or insured?

Ask the company if their technicians are licensed, bonded, or insured. Why? First, being licensed means the technician, you will be hiring has been vetted by the state. On top of that, being insured will give you peace of mind knowing that if anything does go wrong, the company will be legally obliged to fix the problem at no extra cost. The insurance will also cover damages that may occur to your property while your door is being serviced. Hiring a licensed and insured company helps alleviate your risk and liability.

Do they perform emergency garage door repair?

A broken garage door can mean downtime for your business. The most reliable companies are those that perform emergency garage door repair when you need it, not when they can fit you into their schedule. Ask the company if they do garage door spring replacement or garage door opener repair, even on a weekend or a holiday. A dependable garage door business will always answer your call or respond to your questions, even beyond usual business hours. They should have a reachable phone number or online customer service via messaging platforms.

Do they give free estimates?

Of course, you would most likely want to know how much the repair service will cost, especially when you have a limited budget to spend. For example, if you need garage door spring repair, make sure to ask the company how much such a service would cost. Most companies offer free estimates without obligation, and it is always a good idea to get multiple quotes from at least three different companies. This way, you can compare the quotes alongside the rest of your notes.

Do they offer garage door maintenance?

Regular maintenance is the first step toward minimizing garage door problems. A preventive maintenance program will ensure your commercial garage door is in top shape and working efficiently and smoothly. Inquire if the company offers garage door maintenance or routine tune-ups. Trained garage door experts can provide a thorough inspection of your commercial garage door for potential problems and address them quickly before they cause bigger problems later on.

Communication is key to finding the best commercial garage door service provider. Now that you know what questions to ask pick up the phone and call us at Palms Garage Doors. We service the Greater Bay Area from San Francisco to San Jose and up to Oakland. We are experienced in commercial garage doors, and we can handle your repair needs.

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