When in need of a new overhead garage door opener, many homeowners are unsure of what to look for. Of course, you would want something that is dependable and provides long-term value, but how can you go through all of the options? Before hiring any company for a garage door opener installation or repair, consider the different types of openers to make the most of your investment.

Types of Garage Door Openers

Most garage door openers have a similar design. They are equipped with a motor that propels a carriage or trolley along a rail. This trolley is attached to the garage door, and when it moves, it closes or opens the garage door. The main difference between garage door opener models is how the motor moves the trolley. Chain, screw, and belt are the three basic types of garage door opener drives.

  • Chain

Chain-drive garage door openers use a metal chain to move the trolley, lifting or lowering the garage door. Chain-drive openers are cheaper and robust, but they make more vibrations and noise. Noise may not be an issue if your garage is not attached to your home. If your garage is next to a bedroom, though, a quieter option may be preferable.

  • Screw

Screw-drive openers push the trolley with threaded steel rods. When the rod is in motion, it pushes the lifting mechanism along its track, allowing the garage door to be lifted or lowered. Screw-drive openers make less noise and require less maintenance than chain-drive openers because they have fewer moving components. However, they can be more expensive than chain-drive openers.

  • Belt

Belt-drive openers work similarly to chain-drive systems, but instead of a chain, they drive the trolley using a belt. Compared to screw-driven or chain-driven systems, the belt-driven openers operate more silently and smoothly. A belt drive is generally the best option if your garage is near a bedroom or living space. Belt drives tend to be the most expensive out of the three types of openers.

What to Consider

While all garage door openers can open and close your garage door, not all of them are the same. There are a few options to choose from in terms of durability, strength, security, and privacy. Consider the following factors when choosing a garage door opener:

  • Reliability

For both convenience and safety, you need to have a reliable garage door opener. Check your garage door opener settings to see if dual-frequency signals are available. This reduces interference from other garage door openers, ensuring you have access whenever you need it. Your garage door opener should improve the flow of your household.

  • Size

The standard height of garage doors is seven feet. Garage door openers are intended to fit 7-foot garage doors because of this height. Before making a final purchase, make sure you understand the fees associated with modifying a garage door opener option if you have a non-standard door size.

  • Brand and Cost

Before looking for a garage door opener, determine your budget and stick to it. Stick with a well-known brand with a track record of providing the quality and reliability you require in a garage door opener. You can find bargain garage door openers with a lot of functions, but with garage door openers, like with many other products, you get what you pay for.

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