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A client from Berkeley, CA, called Palms Garage Doors because they had issues with their garage door. They said their garage door made a squeaking noise every time it opened or closed. After a few hours, our technicians arrived at their home and identified the problem as the failing garage door spring. After replacing the garage door spring, we also taught the client routine spring maintenance and lubrication. The client was happy because they did not have to spend much money on replacing the whole garage door.

The garage door spring is the heart of the garage door system. These large springs help to open and close the door. A garage door spring’s role is to counterbalance the force of gravity on the door. In principle, a garage door spring is designed to make your door light enough for you to raise it on your own or for the garage door opener to pull it up easily.

What Are Torsion Springs?

Torsion springs are one type of spring commonly used in garage doors. These springs are on a metal shaft directly above the door opening and typically come in sets of one to four. Aluminum drums are attached to either end of the shaft, with the springs wound around them in a specific torsion setting. Standard, early-set, steel rolling-door and torque-master are all common types of torsion springs.

Types of Torsion Spring

Standard torsion spring – Residential garage doors often come equipped with torsion springs. These springs help to balance the door and make it easier to open and close. Lighter doors may only require one torsion spring for proper operation.

Torsion spring with an early set – This type of spring is commonly used for residential garage doors. The spring is nestled in the torsion shaft’s center.

Steel rolling door torsion springs – These garage door springs are more commonly found in commercial buildings. A rolling door is supported by the torsion barrel, which contains multiple springs.

Torque master torsion spring – The winding cone releases the tension in the torsion springs at the end of each torsion rod. It allows the spring to rotate freely inside the shaft.

What Are Extension Springs?

Extension springs are the most economical and commonly used springs for garage doors. Made from steel, they act as a coiled spring designed to fit on the top bracket of your door. They are connected to one side of the electric garage door opener and the other via cables connecting them to both sides of the garage door panel. Extension springs expand and flex against each other when you open or close your door.

Torsion Spring Is a Better Choice

If you are wondering why torsion springs are a better investment than extension springs, here are a few reasons.

• Torsion springs require less headroom above the door, so they are a better option if your garage has limited space. Torsion springs are typically more durable and last longer than extension springs.

• Torsion springs have fewer moving parts. Both systems are robust, but adding more mechanical parts increases the chances of something going wrong.

• Torsion springs are safer and more reliable. They do not break as easily as other types of springs; if they fail, they are less likely to cause damage. That is because torsion springs are installed around the spring bar. As a result, they are less likely to come loose and fly through the garage.

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August 9, 2022

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