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Palms Garage Doors had a Garage Door Spring Installation project in Richmond, CA.  The homeowner called for an emergency garage door repair service since their garage door broke. We responded to their request for garage door repair Richmond quickly as the homeowner was looking for a residential garage door repair company.  We were able to install new garage door springs quickly so that the homeowner could use their garage again.

A reliable garage door company like Palms Garage Doors will offer many different residential garage door services. When it comes to fixing a garage door problem, you need someone who has years of expertise doing it. Choose the correct staff to handle any garage door issue, particularly garage door spring installation because technical expertise and proficiency are essential components of any garage door firm.

If the spring on your garage door breaks, do you need a professional to fix it?

Yes, you should hire a professional to open your garage door for you. Garage door springs retain the door’s weight, allowing it to be opened by hand or by remote control. Door pulleys A garage door spring failure will make moving the door in an upright position very difficult.

In the event that your garage door spring has been damaged or destroyed, you must understand how to open the door effectively. Such situations may necessitate an immediate garage door spring repair. A professional garage door repair specialist should be called in to replace broken springs, as doing so could result in injury.

Garage Door Springs: Basic Facts

Torsion springs are found on the front wall or at the top of the door in the internal garage. The weight of the garage door is supported by these brackets, which make it easier to open and close. Lifting the garage door is done by extension springs, which can be located on either side of the tracks. Despite the fact that these two types of garage door springs serve the same job, the weight distribution is different.

When a garage door spring fails, what is the root cause?

Corrosion of the garage door is one of the most common difficulties, and it is usually caused by a lack of maintenance or a component malfunction. Inadequate lubrication of garage door springs, which are made of metal, can cause corrosion and subsequent stiffness and brittleness in the springs. When this happens, the spring will snap. You should check your garage doors for squeaky noises because they could mean that they need lubrication and maintenance.

Palms Garage Doors not only installs overhead garage doors, but also fixes remote controls, replaces broken springs, fixes garage door openers, fixes residential garage doors, fixes commercial garage doors, replaces rollers, fixes panel replacement cables, and installs insulated or energy-efficient garage doors.

In any case, do not try to resolve garage door issues by yourself. Seek the help of an expert garage door repair technician from Palms Garage Doors to be advised if you need a garage door spring replacement. It is advisable to replace your garage door springs if they are worn out. A garage door will not work if the garage door springs are broken.

A garage door spring replacement might be the solution to make it work again. Palms Garage Doors can also offer same-day garage door repair service, no additional costs for weekends or nights, and emergency repair service for the Greater Bay Area, including San Francisco, and Oakland. We also service Richmond CA and the surrounding area. Call us for any assistance at (833) 833-3361, and our team of experts will immediately respond to your request.


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March 15, 2022

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