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A customer from Cupertino, CA, called Palms Garage Doors for garage door maintenance. For the past year, they had noticed their garage door’s noise when opening and closing had increased markedly. They also requested a check on whether any worn or broken parts were present so that they would not have to deal with an abrupt breakdown should this occur. So we did a comprehensive 20-point inspection of the garage door opener, garage door, and any associated parts like remotes, cords, bolts, or tracks. After verifying that everything was operating as expected, we also taught the homeowner some essential upkeep tips in case future problems arise.

Many homeowners tend to experience garage door problems after years of installing it. More so, if the necessary upkeep is being neglected. It could start with a simple squeaking sound, eventually becoming a bigger problem in the overall door’s mechanism. When this happens, having a licensed technician evaluate your garage door’s condition is much better than troubleshooting it yourself. 

Common Signs that Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Your garage door is making strange noises

Not only is a noisy garage door bothersome, but it is also an obvious sign that the door needs to be repaired. The sound it makes could also be a sign of the kind of required maintenance. For instance, grating or rumbling noises could indicate a problem with the torsion springs. Likewise, you can hear a grinding noise if your door is dragging on the track. Your door probably requires repairs of some kind if it generates any of the sounds mentioned above or sounds odd. 

Your garage door is responding slowly

The door signals that it requires repair when it stops working properly, such as when it does not respond to controls continuously or moves up and down unevenly instead of smoothly as it should. The door should respond to its control in less than a second. If it exhibits signs of sluggishness or resistance, this could indicate a problem with the wiring, a circuit connection, or the door itself. 

Your garage door is having issues opening or closing

A garage door having trouble opening or closing is possibly the most apparent indication that your door needs to be fixed. The inability of your garage door to open or close can be very frustrating. This problem frequently arises as a result of at least one of the following:

1) damaged or worn-out wires

2) defective garage door opener

3) stripped gear on the garage door opener

Spring problems with your garage door may also be to blame. A garage door may open completely or occasionally open to the halfway point and stop. Most likely, new springs are required in any of these scenarios. Whether the door has trouble opening or closing, see if something is in the way or, better yet, seek the advice of a professional garage door service provider like Palms Garage Doors.

Your garage door is sagging

Homeowners might quickly become alarmed by jerky movements and strange noises, but a sagging garage door is frequently disregarded. The garage door tends to sag over time. Sagging may occasionally result from a worn tension spring, dulled rollers, or tracks. By lifting your garage door manually, you can check to see if it sags for a few inches. If your door begins to sag, you should fix it immediately to avoid falling and endangering you, your family, your pets, and other belongings, such as your vehicle.

Your electricity bill is increasing abruptly

Your garage door is designed to shut like a wall when closed, especially if it is insulated. A properly sealed garage door keeps heat inside the house during the winter and aids in maintaining a suitable temperature, no matter the weather. However, if there is a little gap along the bottom or side, your garage door will not adequately insulate your home. As a result, you will have to turn up the heat to compensate for whatever damage your garage door may have done to your home’s insulation, raising your heating costs. You can prevent a sudden increase in your energy charges if you schedule maintenance checks to ensure consistent, excellent garage door performance. 

Garage Door Maintenance near Me

Does your garage door exhibit any of the symptoms mentioned above? Then it is preferable to fix any minor issues with the door now rather than need costly repairs in the future. For any garage door maintenance and repair service, you can always rely on the garage door experts from Palms Garage Doors

We at Palms Garage Doors are dedicated to giving you the best service possible. Whether you want a new garage door opener installed or need a garage door repair—we will take care of it for you. With our quick response time and knowledgeable staff, we are among the most dependable garage door service companies in the Greater Bay Area.

Request a thorough garage door maintenance from Palms Garage Doors today and immediately feel the difference in your garage door’s daily performance. Contact us at (833) 833-3361 and request free estimates.


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July 19, 2022

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