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A homeowner from Morgan Hill, CA, contacted Palms Garage Doors for a new garage door installation. They wanted a double-door garage door for their detached garage and chose a faux wood model with glass windows. They combined it with a quiet but powerful belt-drive garage door opener. We placed the order with the manufacturer and installed the brand new garage door after less than three weeks. We stayed for a while to do some tests and ensure everything worked smoothly. The client promised us before we left that they were very happy with our services and would recommend us to their friends.

The detached garage is a great addition to the home and an option to consider if you want to add more space to your property. Adding a garage gives you extra alternatives for parking, storage, entertainment, and other things, even if your house already has an attached garage. So, let us find out how to build a detached garage that suits your requirements and does not fall short of giving you value for money.

Logistics Preparation

Before beginning any job, it is important to create a work plan. It is especially true if you are planning to build a detached garage. You must obtain the necessary building permits to ensure your project goes smoothly. The steps you need to take will vary depending on whether or not you are working with a contractor. Furthermore, there are some general logistics that you will need to plan for. Take note of the following:

• If you want to find out which building permit legislation applies to your city, get in touch with the office that deals with permits in your area. You should also talk to your neighbors and let them know about any construction work that will be taking place on your property.

• Before you begin construction on your detached garage, be sure to measure the lot first. It will ensure that your garage fits comfortably on the property. Create your site blueprints if you are working with a contractor. It would help if you were involved in the design process so that your garage meets all your needs and expectations.

• Your city may have regulations governing the structure\\\’s allowable height and size. To prevent expensive fines, ensure your design complies with these restrictions with the help of your contractor.

• Send your plans to the permit office for approval, application, and required costs.

Making Your Detached Garage Look Good

When it comes to interior design, you have many options to choose from. It can be both exciting and frustrating. To narrow down your choices, start by thinking about your taste, the function of the space, and what inspires you. Then, with these factors in mind, you can create a space that reflects your style and meets your needs.

Exterior Design

It is crucial to consider the materials required to build a detached garage. Once the necessary supplies have been considered, you can start considering the exterior\\\’s visual aesthetic. Incorporating more glass and aluminum into the design is key if you want a modern look. However, if you prefer a classic look, steel and wood should be used instead. Fiberglass with a woodgrain-textured finish is also an option for those who want an alternative to wood.

Interior Design

If you are like most people, you decided to build a detached garage for one primary reason: extra storage. And if that is the case, your interior design should focus on creating plenty of storage solutions. First, utilize your overhead and vertical space. Then, add shelving, cabinets, and other organizational tools. It will help you make the most of your new garage.

Of course, your detached garage can be much more than just a storage space. For example, if you are an artist or craftsperson, you might want to create a personalized workstation.

Garage Door Repair near Me

So, are you planning to build a detached garage or renovate one? Then installing a brand new garage door is one of the things you must consider, among other things! When you need professional help, Palms Garage Doors has got you covered. With over ten years of experience in garage door services, we are confident that we have just the right garage door that can meet your needs. We offer various garage door styles and materials and installation, repair, and garage door spring replacement services. Call us today for a free estimate.


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September 26, 2022

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