Your home’s first line of defense is your garage. In addition to storing your car, it offers security and safeguards valuables. When you enter your garage, you should find a haven where you may do whatever you want. However, you might have to worry about your security if you neglect regular garage door maintenance. Here are our top ten garage door safety tips to protect you and your family from the risk of injuries.

Must-Know Top 10 Garage Door Safety Tips

1. Start by Keeping Your Garage Door Closed

It might seem obvious, but 30% of house thefts involve entry through an unlocked door or window that calls for a statement. Even the best and most sophisticated door locks will not secure your house if you do not utilize them.

Even leaving your garage door slightly open risks your safety and security. A partially open garage door can let intruders into your garage, especially if your home has a door leading from the garage inside. So, never leave the garage door open.

2. Do Not Divulge the Garage Code

It is best to keep the code a secret within your family or the household, even if you have a detached garage. However, you risk endangering your home’s security if you do not take this seriously. 

Criminals will go to tremendous lengths. Therefore you do not want to give one the chance to use your not-so-secret code as an excuse to hang out in the garage. It would be best if you also had this essential conversation with your children, who might not understand the significance of keeping the garage passcode to themselves.

3. Keep the Garage Door Opener in a Secured Place

You will also want to remember not to leave garage door openers on display in line with keeping the code a secret. It is handy to set them on a car’s dashboard or tuck them under the visor, but putting them in the glove box could help secure your home even more.

Even better, choose a smart garage door opener, which is nevertheless more practical than the conventional opener. As an added plus, many of these smart door apps allow you to check to see if you mistakenly left the door open, a mistake we are all prone to making.

4. Keep the Opener Out of Children’s Reach

Keep your garage door opener out of the wrong hands—one of the most crucial safety advice for the garage. Avoid letting children, especially young ones, play with the openers and keep remote controls out of reach.

Teach your kids that garage doors, and remote controls should not be messed with or used as toys. Ensure the garage door opener is at least five feet off the ground so small children cannot get it.

5. Change the Code as Frequently as Possible

garage door code

For security purposes, you should periodically update or change the control code for your garage door. For example, if the remote control has been compromised or is missing, you might need to update the code on the garage door keypad—this aids in keeping your place safe at all times.

Consider purchasing a rolling code that modifies the garage access code after each usage. Alternately, at the very least, frequently alter the opener and remote control’s default codes. Changing your keyless entry code is simpler than you would imagine. Consult your owner’s handbook to learn how to use your specific keyless entry.

6. Learn How to Operate It Manually

Your garage door could be destroyed and rendered useless by power outages, storms, or malfunctions. However, it will save you time and protect the security of your home if you take the time to learn how to operate the door without power.

garage door manual operation

Your owner’s handbook is an excellent resource for details on everything from how to manually operate the door to all the additional components that make the door work.

7. Watch Out for a Moving Garage Door

Run or walk away from a moving garage door. Do not rush a moving door when getting in or out of your car. Doing such can be risky, whether trying to enter or escape fast. Also, teach and constantly remind your kids not to do this. 

Instead, keep an eye on the door while it is in motion until it has completely opened or shut. Up to this point, always make sure the entrance is clear and unobstructed by anything.

8. Inspect Your Garage Door Regularly

Every month, check your door and all of its functional components. Even if you are not a garage door expert, a basic inspection can tell you when you need to hire one. Increase your understanding of the garage door springs, cables, pulleys, and rollers by performing a visual inspection monthly. In the meantime, studying the owner’s manual to ensure everything operates as it should is quite helpful.

9. Learn When Not to Troubleshoot

When something shows signs of wear and tear, it is time to schedule a repair as soon as possible. However, do not try to fix anything yourself; instead, call a professional. Since attempting to work with the tension springs, garage door accidents have consistently risen, and other wires can often lead to significant damage. So if a garage door repair is necessary, ask for help from the skilled technicians at Palms Garage Doors

10. Call For Garage Door Experts

Do not undervalue your garage door and contribute to the statistics of accidents they cause each year. Instead, garage doors should be handled carefully and with the highest respect for safety because they are working machinery with tension-fueled parts, metal components, and the hefty door itself. 

When your garage door starts to malfunction, call a professional. You may stay ahead of the curve and have your door mended by monitoring its operations each month before an accident occurs.

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