The Importance of Weather Stripping Your Garage Door!

A garage door weather seal is constructed out of durable vinyl panels that wrap around the garage door’s top, bottom, and sides. While weather stripping products are generally sturdy and long-lasting, the seals can wear down with time. If you have observed water, dirt, or mud in your garage, the issue is likely due to a damaged garage door weather stripping.

While your garage door has other major components that require more attention, it is critical to ensure that its rubber sealing is in good working order at all times. Weatherstripping is the process of sealing openings around your garage door to keep out the elements, improve interior comfort, minimize power bills, and quiet it down. Here are some of the most significant advantages of weatherstripping your garage door.

Improves the overall insulation of your home

Garage door weather stripping helps keep cold air out in the winter and hot air out in the summer by sealing the door against the pavement. A functional weather stripping is important in keeping the home’s indoor temperature stable during months of extreme temperatures.

It helps reduce energy bills

Because the garage door is the largest opening in your house, it has a significant role in air infiltration. Air leak is reduced when your garage door has exterior frame weather stripping. When properly installed, weather stripping around the outer garage door can help to considerably reduce energy loss, resulting in lower energy bills.

Reduces noise coming in and out of the garage

Adding weather stripping to your garage door helps reduce the outdoor noise level that enters the garage. At the same time, it prevents noise from leaking from the garage. If your garage doubles as a workshop, man cave, or home gym, using a weather seal can help keep the noise down and keep the neighbors happy.

Protects your garage door

The bottom of the garage door hits the concrete floor of the garage with every opening and shutting, which can lead to substantial damage to the door’s structure over time. Having a weather seal on the bottom edge of the door will protect it from the constant hits against the concrete floor. This will extend the life of your garage door and save you money on garage door repair.

Protects your vehicle and items stored in the garage

Rainwater and storm debris cannot wash under your garage door and into your garage if you have weather stripping along the bottom of your door. During a rainstorm, water pooling in the driveway will not reach your vehicle inside. Weatherstripping also stops dust, pollen, and debris from blowing into your garage. It also keeps insects and other small pests out of your garage, keeping your garage tidy and the stored items inside it bug-free.

Turns the garage into a livable space

If you plan to use your garage as a living space, workshop, children’s playroom, or home gym, you will need a garage door weather seal to make it comfortable. The easiest approach to control the temperature in the garage and make it a livable space is to use a sturdy weather seal that wraps all the way around the garage door.

Garage door weather stripping from Palms Garage Doors

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