What Are the Different Types of Overhead Garage Doors?

An overhead garage door is a very popular pick for both homes and businesses. They are a great alternative to the traditional roll-up garage doors. If you are planning to install a new garage door, it is essential to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each type before making a decision. In this article, we will learn more about the many types of overhead garage doors and the fundamental differences between them.


Single panel overhead garage doors

Single panel garage doors have a single, solid slab that slides up and into the space above your car. They take up the same amount of space as a sectional garage door, but they have different functions.


Most single-panel garage doors are suspended on a very sturdy hinge system attached to the jam and can swing open without using a garage door opener. They are typically less expensive than sectional garage doors constructed of the same materials. If you want a custom garage door, single panel doors will allow you to use almost any material you wish to without any panels getting in the way. They have fewer parts, which means less maintenance and fewer broken components in the long run.


Extension springs are used in single-panel doors, which can collapse if not properly maintained. Because a single-panel garage door needs to tilt an extra few feet out of the driveway, you will have to park further back while the garage door opens. When a single-panel garage door opens, there may be slightly less space within the garage.

Sectional overhead garage doors

Sectional garage doors are doors with four or five horizontal panels connected together with hinges that enable the door to bend and follow a curved route as it opens and closes. They make up the vast majority of garage doors installed today.


Sectional garage doors provide better security and protection from prospective burglars because they do not have a visible point of entrance. They also often outperform single-panel garage doors in terms of weather resistance. Unlike single panel garage doors, which require a certain amount of clearance space to function effectively, sectional garage doors provide more area for vehicles.


Sectional garage doors require more maintenance than single-panel garage doors. They need a regimen that includes lubrication and cleaning. They also have more moving components, which may need to be repaired and replaced as needed. They require more effort to install because of their more complex mechanism.

Roll-up overhead garage doors

This type of overhead door has a metal curtain of 2″-3″ steel slats that roll up and stow in a drum above the door opening. They are usually used in commercial and industrial applications.


Roll-up garage doors are the most compact type of commercial garage door. They do not have horizontal tracks that run back into the garage, allowing extra space on the garage ceiling. They can survive adverse weather conditions because of their steel frame. A roll-up door does not have tracks, wheels, hinges, or cables. This means less maintenance and repair are required.


Roller garage doors are typically more expensive than other garage door styles. The lines on the corrugated sections of the door are impossible to hide, making it difficult to customize its color.

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