Are you looking for a perfect destination to spend your weekends or an entire day of fun and amusement? Look no further than the Verdugo Park Recreation Center, where there is something for everyone. Not only is the facility a hidden gem, but it also has some pretty sweet amenities to boot. From an outdoor skating rink to a fully stocked aquatics facility, this is one park that you’re not going to regret visiting. It’s also a great place to take the family. It’s not uncommon to see families lingering around the swimming pool in a bid to burn off that pesky holiday dinner.

The facility is also home to a couple of other cool things. In addition to the aforementioned water park, you can find skateboards and a ballfield to keep the kids entertained for hours. The rec center also offers free fitness classes, and a few fun and interesting adult classes for those looking for some serious bonding time. The best part about it all is that it is easy to get to. You can literally find it on the way to your office or school, or by way of the 134 freeway. The next time you’re in Burbank, try the best of both worlds at the Verdugo Park Recreation Center. It’s not only a cool place to hangout, but you’ll also find some nice people here. As an added bonus, the park is dog friendly if you’re in the mood to let your pup join in on the action. If the hounds aren’t your thing, you can head off to the neighboring La Cienega Park, which is just a few blocks down the road.

As with any park, it’s easy to find a parking spot and the nearby city bus stop is always a great option. The facilities at the park are impressive, and the park itself is not overly congested compared to the more touristy parts of town.  Plus, the park’s free Wi-Fi service seems to be working well and is a great way to stay connected. Bottom line, Verdugo Park Recreation Center is a great place to spend a day of leisure with friends and family.

The park was  recently renovated and the improvements are noticeable, making it a great place to soak in some sun, grab a bite to eat or just stroll around. Furthermore, you can find plenty of art studios, street performers, and other vendors offering all kinds of homemade crafts for sale.

There is plenty to keep you busy on your visit – from enjoying some outdoor activities with friends or family to taking in some local sights and sounds. And if you’re looking to bring your pup along, don’t worry – this park is dog-friendly.

So if you’re in the Burbank area and looking for a great place to have some fun or just relax, look no further than Verdugo Recreation Center. With its easy access, range of activities and amenities, and stunning views; it’s the perfect spot for an unforgettable experience.

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