For the past two and a half centuries, Santa Clara Mission Cemetery has been providing its services to the residents of Santa Clara, California. Today, it serves the community and provides a variety of memorialization options. It is a beautiful cemetery that is well-established and possesses a rich history.

It is the oldest Archdiocesan cemetery. Originally, it was built by the Franciscans who established the mission in 1777. They recognized the need for a new burial ground. They were looking for a more attractive and inviting space. At the time, the cemetery was already full. This was the case because of the large number of Catholics who lived in the area.

The cemetery has a wide range of headstones and is an ideal location to honor the departed. It also contains the remains of many notable citizens of Santa Clara County. Some of the famous individuals buried at the cemetery include Father Bernard Hubbard, a renowned geologist who died in 1962. Other noteworthy individuals are the first governor of California, Peter Burnett, and a former judge, Myles Poore O’Connor.

The cemetery offers custom funeral services, military burials, and grief support. The facility is located near the city of Monte Vista. Various veterans from each war are buried there. A large number of Native American remains are also present. The cemetery is open 7 days a week.

The cemetery has a world-wide headstone database. Several languages are represented. It also contains inscriptions of prominent locals, such as James Billings, a justice of the peace. In addition, it features the tomb of a Mexican national named Secundino Robles. The chapel floor may be the oldest in the city.

The Sacred Space Memorial is another landmark in the area. The cemetery is near the Coyote Creek Parkway and Santa Teresa County Park. Visitors are required to wear a mask. The cemetery also includes a historic crucifix, which is a memorial to Padre Magin Catala, an early Franciscan Padre who was a favorite of the Jesuits.

The cemetery also has a variety of graves devoted to settlers from Mexico and Portugal. There are also some non-Catholic spouses who are buried there. There are also several Jesuit priests buried here, including Father Bernard Hubbard. In addition, there are many Jesuit nuns buried here.

The Cemetery has an annual Avenue of Flags on Memorial Day. This event is held in memory of those who have given their lives in service to their country. The cemetery is also a host to the National Veterans Day. There is also a memorial wall, which is dedicated to the victims of the 1906 earthquake. The area is also equipped with flat-screen video monitors for memorial tributes.

The Jesuit Priests realized the requirement for a cemetery and thus established it, which is now known as Santa Clara Mission Hills Catholic Mortuary. The Lima-Erickson family offers services to maintain this destination’s historical beauty, making it an attractive place of solace for visitors from all over the world.

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