The Advantages of a Garage Door Opener with a Back-Up Battery!

Any automatic garage door system would be incomplete without an overhead garage door opener. Over the years, manufacturers have made efforts to improve the technology and features of these devices. The integration of a backup battery unit to garage door openers is one of the most recent and valuable innovations. Let us go over the advantages of a garage door opener with a battery backup.

Peace of mind during power outages

Severe weather conditions and natural disasters can knock out power in your house for days, rendering you without the power to operate your garage door opener automatically. A battery backup will enable your opener to work still even if the power is cut off. When fully charged, these devices can run up to 50 cycles in a 24-hour period after the electricity goes off. Installing your opener with a battery backup is a lifesaver during power outages, evacuations, and emergencies.

Long battery lifespan

A battery backup is charged and powered by a connector cable that goes between the opener and the unit, so there is no need to plug it in an electric outlet. Battery backups recharge in around 4 hours. These batteries are low-maintenance and, depending on usage, and regular battery care can last two to three years without needing to be serviced. They require no fuel, and their parts need no maintenance. Depending on the model of your battery, a beeping or flashing light will alert you when it is time to replace it.

Simple to operate

Remember that garage doors, especially double doors with windows, are massive and usually weigh hundreds of pounds. Battery backups are designed to kick in and automatically engage the garage door opener during a power outage, eliminating the need to manually disengage the door to get your car in or out of the garage. For people who are unable to operate their garage door manually,  such as children, the elderly, and the disabled, this is a suitable alternative to the manual override feature. All you have to do is simply open and close your door as usual.

Long and reliable operation

The battery’s capacity may not be as powerful as your electric opener’s, but it is enough to raise and lower your door numerous times over the course of 24 hours of a power outage. To save battery life, the opener will open and close the door at a slower rate than usual (at around 3.5 inches per second). Most battery backup systems allow for up to 50 door openings and closings.

Plenty of backup battery options

The market has a variety of backup battery solutions. Most garage door opener installation companies sell battery backup systems that are compatible with openers from brands such as Genie, Liftmaster, merlin, and Craftsman. These add-on battery backups plug into the wall and do not require any permanent changes to your current opening mechanism. You can install the backup battery yourself, although professional installation is recommended.

Law compliant

California law requires that all residential garage door openers sold or installed in the state on or after July 1st, 2019 to have a battery backup. This protects homeowners from being trapped in a garage with no power.

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