How to Solve Common Garage Door Opener Problems!

Nothing is more frustrating than a garage door that refuses to open when you need it most. Your overhead garage door opener could be having more than one problem at once, but repairing common garage door opener issues is simple if you know what to look for. In this post, we will learn about some of the most frequent garage door opener problems and how to troubleshoot them, as well as what to do if yours breaks down.

Common Reasons Why Garage Door Openers Do Not Work

  • Locked door. Most garage door switches feature a button for locking them. If the ‘lock’ button has been accidentally pressed, the door will not open.

Solution: Push the ‘lock’ button and try to open the door again. If it does, then you have fixed the problem.

  • Unplugged opener. Another simple reason the switch does not work is that the motor is unplugged from the power supply.

Solution: Check if the opener’s plug is secured into the socket. If not, simply reconnect it, and you should be good to go.

  • Obstructed photo-eyes. The photo-eyes will prevent the door from shutting if its beam is interrupted or blocked.

Solution: Make sure there is nothing in the way of the beam. Double-check that the sensors are pointing in the same direction, and clean each sensor, so their line of sight is not obstructed by anything.

  • Faulty circuit breaker. If the above-mentioned causes were not present, the chances are that your circuit breaker is tripped or that a fuse has burned out.

Solution: Try resetting the circuit breaker to see if it helps.

  • Worn-out opener. If nothing seems to fix the problem, you are probably dealing with a worn-out motor. 

Solution: Contact a garage door opener repair professional to determine the source of the problem and repair/replace the opener for you.

Other Garage Door Problems

The remote/keypad is not working

  • Batteries are dead. Remotes and keypads run on batteries, and if the batteries are already depleted, these controls will stop working.

Solution: Replace all of the batteries with new ones to see whether the problem is resolved.

  • The remote/wall switch is out of range. The wireless signal from the remote/keypad will not reach the motor if they are too far away from the motor.

Solution: Make sure you are close enough to the motor while using the remote or the keypad, or install the wall switch at a closer distance.

  • Faulty antenna. If the opener is not picking up the signal from the remote or keypad, the issue may be with the antenna pointing off in another direction.

Solution: Make sure that the antenna is stable and that it is pointing straight downward.

The opener is running, but the door is not moving

  • Incorrect close-limit setting. When the close-limit switch is set incorrectly, the door may not close, and the opener may reverse or pull back up when you try to close it.

Solution: Adjust the close limit setting to the proper limit, so the motor knows when to stop running—both when opening and closing.

  • The belt is disconnected. If the emergency release cord has been pulled accidentally, it will disconnect the belt from the motor.

Solution: Consult your manual on how to re-engage the emergency release cord. Once re-engaged, check if the opener works properly.

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