How To Maintain Your Garage Door Tracks!

Your garage door is composed of different parts that work together to keep the door moving and working smoothly. To avoid costly garage door repair and replacement, you must maintain garage door parts regularly. This blog post will teach you a few things about proper garage door tracks maintenance.

What causes garage door tracks to deteriorate?

When something hits the garage door tracks, the tracks can bend or become damaged. Other parts of the garage door that are not working properly can also cause harm to the tracks. If your door has unlubricated or misaligned rollers, they may damage the tracks every time the door is lifted and lowered. In addition, garage door tracks can deteriorate over time due to wear and tear. Even premium, heavy-duty tracks are bound to break and require replacement eventually.

How do you keep your garage door tracks in good shape?

Before any maintenance, move your vehicle out of the garage, along with any equipment or materials that will make it difficult for you to access the tracks and rollers. Lower the garage door and use a ladder to check the rollers and tracks. Make sure you have adequate lighting inside to complete the task properly.

Check out the garage door rollers

Inspect all rollers on the garage door for signs of wear, and change any that look badly damaged. If you have metal rollers with unsealed bearings, brush away debris and oil buildup with an old toothbrush, then wipe them with a dry, clean cloth. The bearings can then be sprayed with silicone spray oil. If your rollers are made of nylon and the bearings are sealed, you do not need to use any lubricant. Instead, spray lubrication into and around the roller stems.

Inspect the nuts and bolts

Check all the nuts and bolts that secure the roller hinges and track mounting brackets. Adjust any hardware that has loosened over time, and change any rusted or damaged bolts or nuts.

Clean the tracks

Brush the interior of the tracks with the old toothbrush to loosen oil, dirt, and other debris. Spray some disc brake cleaner on the tracks and wipe them with a clean cloth to remove any dirt and residual cleaner.

Align the horizontal tracks

Using a level, make sure that both the horizontal tracks are correctly aligned. They should be slightly angled toward the back wall from the opening. In addition, the tracks must be installed at the same height from the ceiling. Make any necessary modifications to get the tracks in the correct position.

Align the vertical tracks

Check that the vertical tracks are completely straight by holding the level along each track. If you need to adjust them, loosen the mounting bolts and put a wood block against the track. Keep checking the alignment and tighten the mounting bolts after the track is properly aligned.

How to prevent garage door tracks from getting damaged?

You can do a few things to avoid damaging your garage door tracks. For one, be careful when parking your car in the garage. If you hit the side of your garage door, your garage door tracks may be damaged or misaligned. Check the interior of your garage door tracks regularly for any damage or obstruction and debris, or accumulated dirt.

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