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When your garage door breaks down, it can get in the way of your schedule. At worst, it can be a hazard. As a homeowner, you and your family rely on your garage door to store vehicles and tools, and for many of us, it is also the primary means of entry into our homes. Properly maintaining your door can save you the hassle of needing an emergency garage door repair in the future. So how can you tell when it is time to get garage door repair? Keep reading to be informed.

Garage Door is Unbalanced

A garage door that is out of balance must be repaired as soon as possible; otherwise, one spring may become more worn down than the other. This overly stressed spring can snap, and the weakened spring will increase the workload on your garage door opener, potentially causing it to fail prematurely.

Slow Response Time

When opening and closing the garage door, it is critical to keep an eye on the response time. When you press the opener, the door should open or close in a matter of seconds. If your garage door takes any longer than that to open and close and causes a delay, you should thoroughly inspect the garage door springs and the rest of the components.

It is also a good idea to lubricate the tracks, rollers, and hinges so that it closes and opens smoothly. If the garage door still has a slow reaction time, you may need the assistance of a professional garage door repair company to do a thorough check and determine the root cause of the problem.

Excessive Noise

While all garage doors create noise when they operate, if the noise becomes excessive, some of the components of your garage door may need repair. To better comprehend the problem, it is essential to know what kind of noise the garage door makes.

For example, as the springs become faulty, you may hear a grating or rumble noise when the door opens and closes. Similarly, if you hear a popping sound while operating the garage door, some sections of it may not be opening smoothly. It is best to inspect the hinges, railings, and torsion springs if you notice any squeaking, rustling, or grating noises coming from the garage doors.

Loose or Broken Wires and Cables

A garage door is always powered by wires and supported by cables, whether it is open, closed, or moving. When a cable frays, the support weakens, and if the wires or cables snap, it is time to replace the garage door before the entire system fails.

The garage door may begin to sag if the garage opener cables fray, and if they snap, the garage door may fall down on cars, people, and animals. If the garage opener cables fail, the system’s circuit will fail, which means you will need a replacement for the remote control system.

Broken cables are especially dangerous since they give no warning before snapping. If your garage door is becoming unreliable, have it evaluated. If necessary, get it replaced by a professional as soon as possible. Broken wires are less risky, but they can be inconvenient because your remote control will be rendered unusable, forcing you to operate the door manually every time you leave or return home.

Now that you know what to look out for, who can you hire to take care of the problem? Palms Garage Doors offers a variety of services, from garage door opener repair to garage door spring repair. Palms Garage Doors gives free estimates, serving the Greater Bay Area from San Francisco to San Jose and up to Oakland. Next time you need help with your garage door, assistance is never too far.

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