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Palms Garage Doors had a new garage door installation project in Sunnyvale, CA.  The homeowner called for a new garage door installation since they wanted to update their garage. We responded quickly to their request for an overhead garage door Sunnyvale as the homeowner was looking for a residential garage door company.  We were able to install the new garage doors quickly for the homeowner.

Your garage door is a vital part of your home’s entrance and should be well-maintained. It’s a good idea to call a  residential garage door repair company if something doesn’t look or work properly. A dependable garage door company like Palms Garage Doors provides professional services for a wide range of garage door repairs, including a new garage door installation. They provide a variety of services that can address many issues.

To update your home, you’ll need a new garage door.

If you’re planning a home renovation and want to install new overhead garage doors, choosing a door that best meets your home’s aesthetic and practical needs is critical. You may have a door that does more than just enhance the exterior of your home if you choose wisely. You will receive several advantages that will make your life easier.

Garage Access with a Single Touch

When used in conjunction with a high-quality automatic door opener, you can open your garage door with a single touch. When it comes to accessing your garage, an overhead garage door can be handy.

Security and privacy have been improved.

Because your garage is where you keep your valuables and automobiles, ensuring that they are safe from intruders who might steal them or do damage to your property is critical. If you have a garage but no garage door, your property will attract curious eyes. One advantage of a new garage door installation is increased privacy when you arrive home and the peace of mind that your home will be protected even if you leave. A solid overhead garage door creates an impenetrable barrier that keeps snoopers out of your home.

Save Energy

You may not realize it, but your garage can be a significant source of energy loss. The best way to keep the temperature inside regulated is to have a new garage door installation. It’s worth noting that even a garage with climate control will have trouble controlling the temperature, resulting in higher energy expenses. The use of an insulated garage door against changing weather conditions outside your home can help in reducing the consumption of excess energy.

As previously stated, garage doors can have various issues that only a skilled residential garage door repair expert can handle. It’s important to remember that repairing a garage door on your own is problematic because it requires skill and expertise. You’ll have an advantage if you know some details concerning your residential garage door repair issues. To tackle any garage door problem, especially new garage door installation, always turn to a dependable garage door repair professional like Palms Garage Doors.

Palms Garage Doors is committed to being a leader in the installation and repair of new garage doors. Allow us to assist you in selecting the right garage door for your home and quoting you a price for a new garage door. Palms Garage Doors can help you since we provide business and residential garage door repair services in Sunnyvale, CA, and the neighboring areas. Call for any assistance at (833) 833-3361, and our team of experts will immediately respond to your request. We’re always available to help out when you need it most. Our technicians at Palms Garage Doors are experts in garage door repair service and will make sure to give you top-level service. Just call us anytime at (833) 833-3361, so we can help you with your garage door service needs.


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November 3, 2021

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