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A homeowner from Campbell, CA, called Palms Garage Doors for garage door spring replacement. One of the torsion springs on their garage door was heavily rusted, and the homeowner admitted to having neglected to spray down the coils with oil or grease every couple of months. We replaced the snapped torsion spring with the correct size and checked that the door was opening and closing again. Our service technicians completed the job repair in an hour with what would have been a three-day turnaround time at home depot, saving the client time and money. They thanked us for fixing their overhead door in such a timely manner.

A garage door spring replacement is not something you want to do yourself, but when it needs to be done, it needs to be done right. Using the right spring and the proper tools can complete the task in one to two hours without much hassle. This blog will cover why garage door springs often break and what to do best if it happens. 

Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

Wear and Tear

Garage doors are one of the most used parts of your home. In fact, they are opened around 2,000 times yearly, so when a problem with your garage door arises, the most common cause would be the door springs breaking. These springs make the garage door go up and down, and replacing them can be a big hassle when they break. 

Most modern torsion springs provide 100% of the lift required to open a garage door. However, torsion springs degrade over time, just like any other mechanical component. How long, exactly, is the question. Torsion springs with an extended lifespan rated for 20,000 or more cycles would be wise to consider if your garage door has turned into your \\”front door\\” and is used frequently.


Another usual culprit to garage door spring failure, especially in locations with extreme weather, is rust. Rust buildup increases the friction the coils experience as they cycle (move back and forth). Additionally, the spring\\\’s rust will weaken the coils and speed up failure by causing corrosion on the spring coil itself.

A quick and simple preventive maintenance can delay rust and lengthen the lifespan of your garage door springs. Spraying a lubricant down the coil every few months will keep it greased and prevent rust from accumulating, stopping spring breakage due to corrosion.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Due to the absence of insulation in most garages, they are often hot in the summer and chilly in the winter. Springs are typically situated close to damp and chilly outside walls, so even if your garage is insulated, they usually do not benefit from the extra protection. 

Manufacturers consider this and galvanize springs by 30 to 40%, yet even with this protection, springs will rust. Also, be warned that coils might become brittle and break in residences in icy regions when the temperature falls below -13°F (-25°C).

Poor Maintenance

All garage door springs will eventually break, but regular maintenance can help the entire door system last longer. The coil should initially be sprayed with lubrication at least three times annually. Every season, you should also check the garage door balance. We have discovered that most people experience spring failure concerns in the winter. Thus, it is advised to check it more frequently during that period.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Garage Door Spring System Easily

At Palms Garage Doors, we strongly suggest having professional experts with the necessary expertise and equipment handle repairs for broken garage door springs. When you call us for garage door spring maintenance, the springs, and the entire track system will be visually inspected by an experienced technician. We will also gauge the garage door\\\’s balance and conduct a safety check once a year and lubricate the springs with the appropriate lubricant.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Did your garage door spring suddenly snap? If you answered yes to that, it is time for a garage door spring replacement. Please do not put it off until later. Take care of the problem now; otherwise, you risk getting injured.

If you are still looking for a top-notch garage door installation or garage door repair service in the Greater Bay Area, look no further than Palms Garage Doors! We are a locally owned and operated business with a team of skilled technicians who are always ready to provide prompt and professional service. We are also licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and ask for a free estimate.


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July 26, 2022

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