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A homeowner from Hayward, CA, called Palms Garage Doors for garage door repair after noticing that their garage door was making unusual and unpleasant noises. They stopped using the door out of fear that it would fall. Our technicians immediately began assessing the garage door’s condition. They determined that the broken garage door rollers were causing the door to move out of alignment. We recommended replacing the existing rollers with more effective nylon rollers. The homeowner was impressed and decided to have a garage door roller replacement after hearing about all its advantages. We scheduled the repair the next day, and the client was pleased with the results.

There are several reasons your garage door might fall off its tracks. Your garage door is one of the heaviest moving objects in your house. If it came off its tracks, it could be hazardous. The risk of severe injury increases dramatically when a garage door is not on its rails. For the safety of everyone, it is crucial to remain aware of any potential issues and take the appropriate preventive actions. By understanding how and why garage doors fall off their track, you can take steps to prevent problems and keep your family safe.

Causes of Garage Doors Falling Off their Track


Although it may sound strange, homeowners hitting their garage doors with their cars is the most frequent cause of a garage door coming off its tracks. Unfortunately, even the best of us experience this. People attempt to enter or exit the garage before the door has fully closed all too frequently because they are running late for work, hurried to get home, or are simply not paying attention.

When your car hits your garage door, it exerts tremendous energy and force on the door. As a result, several rollers may fall off the tracks. That will leave the door suspended on its lift cables, which can cause severe damage if left unattended. If you find yourself in this situation, do not attempt to repair the damage yourself. Garage doors are heavy and dangerous to work with by hand. If this occurs, stop driving immediately, get out of the garage, and then get in touch with a local expert to fix your garage door.

Bent Tracks

Excessive weight or poor quality horizontal tracks are the second most common cause of garage doors breaking off their tracks. That is because the horizontal tracks support almost all of the door’s weight when it is open, which may be up to 400 lbs.

A minor collision could damage your horizontal tracks if they are not made with sturdy steel. The horizontal tracks, in particular, should have steel that is 14-gauge at minimum, with some corresponding reinforcement at the front and rear to ensure there is no inward or outward bending.

A similar hazard to your garage door comes from improperly aligned tracks. It happens when the vertical and horizontal tracks are not parallel. As a result, the track reinforcements are under stress, often leading to the bracket bolts falling out and the tracks bending. As the garage is used more frequently, this impact worsens and causes the tracks to become misaligned, resulting in rollers popping off the tracks.

Broken Rollers

Rollers are necessary for heavy garage doors to move up and down. When one of your garage door’s rollers fails, the other rollers must work harder. It can cause them to wear out faster and sometimes leads to additional parts like the horizontal tracks bowing under the excess weight. Eventually, an entire section may break off, causing severe damage to the door. Next time you see a single broken roller, you should immediately have a garage door roller replacement service.

The majority of garage door professionals advise purchasing nylon rollers. Although they are more expensive than steel rollers, they are an improvement. A quiet operation of a garage door is made possible with nylon rollers, which are solid and reliable.

Garage Door Repair near Me

A garage door that comes off the tracks is a severe problem you should not ignore. Palms Garage Doors offer professional garage door roller replacement and garage door repair services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us for a repair if your garage door has fallen off its tracks or if you are unsure if it is at risk. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in garage door installation and garage door spring replacement. Plus, we only use the best products and we will fix your garage door as soon as possible. Call us now or check out our website for additional details.


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August 22, 2022

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