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Palms Garage Doors was contacted by a homeowner in Fairfield, CA, for a garage door replacement. They were concerned about their high energy costs because they had to pay more than a few hundred dollars a month to keep the temperature at home comfortable. After speaking with our installation experts, they decided to swap out their old garage door for an energy-efficient sectional door. Compared to similar garage doors, their new polyurethane insulated door could save them on energy costs, plus it looked great on their property.

As a homeowner, you will only settle for the best for your property regarding something as significant as your garage doors. Moreover, if you are particularly looking for effective ways to conserve energy, an insulated garage door has proven to have the most significant impact of all the energy-saving options available. In fact, having insulated garage doors has more incredible features than energy efficiency.

What Are the Advantages of an Insulated Garage Door?

Insulation for garage doors reduces energy use

Improved heating systems, energy-efficient windows, and interior home insulation help reduce energy loss. A residential garage door with additional insulation elements can achieve the same energy-saving results. It is especially true when your garage door is attached to your home. By insulating your home garage door, you use less energy to heat the rest of your house by regulating the temperature in the garage. 

Additionally, garage doors frequently serve as a barrier between the heated indoor environment and the outside climate. Because the area in between is warmer than the outside, no chilly air gusts will enter your home directly. As a result, you will save electricity because your heater will not have to work as hard.

Insulated Garage Doors Last Longer

Durability is a further advantage of an insulated garage door. There is a lower chance of damage since they have numerous layers of steel, aluminum, and insulation. Garage doors are frequently harmed by adverse weather because of their size. One of the most typical forms of weather-related damage is dents and scratches caused by projectiles that are carried by the wind. Insulated garage doors also improve the resistance to these flying debris.

Insulation Aids in Protecting Your Car and Personal Property

An automobile housed in a garage with an insulated residential door is less likely to endure cold temperatures. Cold weather can have various detrimental consequences on a car, like lower battery life or dead batteries, thicker transmission, engine, and braking fluids, to name a few. Having an insulated door can have a significant impact on how long the car lasts. As the temperature drops, your car is less likely to operate correctly. The same protection is provided to your other valuables stored in your garage with added insulation features.

Garage Doors With Insulation Make Less Noise

Garage doors often make some noise. This noise can be bothersome if you live above or beside the garage. Particularly troublesome are rooms that are right above the garage. It may be time to consider some noise reduction options, such as replacing your garage door with an insulated one if it generates a lot of noise. 

Most of the vibration is primarily absorbed by the insulation. Due to their more robust construction than ordinary doors, insulated doors also often produce less noise. In addition, there is less free material to create noise in each panel since the layers of material are securely sealed together. They also tend to be heavier than uninsulated doors, which makes them less prone to jolt or shake on the track.

A Warmer Garage Is More Convenient

An energy-efficient door makes sense if you intend to use your garage space for other purposes like working out or hobbies. In short, keeping your garage warmer will make it easier to do occasional activities in it. A significant change can also be seen by caulking cracks between the frame and the foundation. An effective way is by adding foam insulation to finished walls or wrap insulation. And lastly, garage doors and interior doors can also use weather stripping kits.

Garage Door Installation Near Me

Are you looking for ways to reduce energy costs? You do not have to think harder or waste time searching for other solutions. If you live in the Greater Bay Area, you have come to the right place. Palms Garage Doors provide the area’s most trusted garage door services, including garage door replacement and garage door repair. We pledge to use top-notch components and follow the strictest installation procedures for your new residential garage door. At Palms Garage Doors, you pay for high-quality garage door products, first-rate repair services, and warranties on the products, parts, and labor.

Our professional service providers are dedicated to creating beautiful garage doors for homes and businesses as well that will last for many years, backed by years of industry experience. Call us today for free estimates and to learn more about our services, and we will guide you every step of the way.


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July 12, 2022

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