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A homeowner in Newark, CA, called Palms Garage Doors for a garage door repair. Our team of experts was dispatched to check the problem. Upon on-site inspection, they found that the garage door goes off track due to corrosion and rust developed along the garage door track causing the track to be warped or misaligned. Our technicians recommended giving the garage door tracks and rollers a complete replacement. And after the client‘s approval, our team did the replacement for the garage door tracks and rollers and remounted the garage door on its track. After the garage door off track repair, they perform a brief safety inspection to ensure that our clients are safe from any risks caused by the garage door. The client was so happy and hoped their garage door would last a few more years with no more problems.

It is always best to consult a professional garage door repair company when you are experiencing any problems with your garage door. They will be able to assess the situation and provide you with suggestions or repairs to help make your door run more smoothly. In some cases, they may even advise you to replace your garage door entirely.

Your garage door is a complex system of rollers, tracks, and switches that work together to provide smooth operation. It takes quite a bit of force to raise and lower such a heavy door, which is understandable when things go wrong. One common issue is when the door itself comes off the tracks.

A garage door coming off the tracks is a problem that many homeowners face. However, it is possible to fix this problem yourself with some instruction. By understanding why rollers derail, you can also help prevent this from happening in the future. If you have difficulty with your garage door, consider following these steps to find a solution.

How to Fix an Off-Track Garage Door

If you have observed that your garage door is off track, here are some pointers to assist you in fixing it:

• You will need a few household tools to fix your garage door tracks. These include a wrench, hammer, and pliers. You will also need wood blocks or sawhorses to prop up the door while you work. And finally, you will need some lubricant to help the door move more smoothly.
• If the door is stuck, you may need to ask for help to get it open. Once it is open, disconnect it from the opener and have someone help you prop it open with saw horses or wood blocks.
• You can tell where the door is coming off the track by where it snags on the tracks as you open the door.
• The sawhorses or wood blocks are for safety, but you may also use locking pliers or grips to help keep the door up.
• Secure the wheels on your track by using pliers to manipulate the metal and slipping the wheels back into place. You can ensure that the wheels are properly secured by knocking the edge of the track back into its original shape.
• Check to see that the door is once again connected to the opener and moves easily.
• See your owner‘s manual to completely understand how to fix a garage door that has gone off track. Also, do not hesitate to contact Palms Garage Doors for assistance if you are unsure how to troubleshoot your garage door.


A garage door is a crucial part of any home. You can avoid many potential problems by keeping it in good working order. Pay attention to the tracks and ensure they are clean and lubricated. Fixing a garage door is not difficult, but there are some important things to remember. Make sure to follow instructions and take safety precautions. It is also important to have a professional inspect the garage door regularly.

Garage Door Repair near Me

Repairing one‘s garage door is a potential do-it-yourself activity, but it is not for everyone. If you are a busy homeowner, you might not have time for do-it-yourself maintenance. When this is the case, call the professionals. Call us at Palms Garage Doors, and we will ensure that your garage door is in excellent working order when you come home. In addition, we can quickly fix any garage door issues, such as off-track garage doors and broken garage door springs. So contact us today and let us deal with the problem.


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September 12, 2022

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