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A residential owner from Menlo Park, CA, called Palms Garage Doors for a garage door service. They recently had their garage door opener installed and could vouch for how it changed the way they opened and closed the garage door. However, they were guilty of often misplacing the garage door opener remote and once caught their toddler putting it inside their fridge. So, we recommended they have a garage door wireless keypad installation. We sent them an email of our on-hand stocks of wireless keypads compatible with their opener. After learning all the benefits of having one, they opted for a wireless keyless entry from Chamberlain. We agreed to have the installation done the next day. Now the homeowner can open their garage door without worrying about where they left the opener\\\’s remote.

Because they use a personal identification number (PIN) rather than a remote control or key, garage door keypads make it simple to enter your property. Keypads are especially useful if you need to walk into your garage or if you need to give friends and family access to your house while you are away. In addition, keypads for garage doors with backlights make it simple to enter at dusk and night. Here will focus on garage door keypads, their newest security features, and strategies to increase their security. This highly practical tool is worth a deeper look that could be very helpful for most home and business owners.

Wireless Keyless Entry: How Does It Work?

A simple keypad or, more lately, a fingerprint scanner installed on your wall close to the garage door is all that a garage door keypad is. You may open the door from the outside without using a remote control or a key, thanks to a connection between the pad and a receiver on your automatic door opener. They come in quite handy if you want to open your garage door but do not have your keys with you or if a visitor does not have a remote.

Security Features of a Wireless Keypad

Rolling Code Technology

Rolling code technology implementation is arguably the most significant invention for remote access security. Without getting too technical, rolling code is a process that creates a new, non-sequential code each time an automated door opener is turned on. This feature helps ease your worries about stealing and using your code maliciously without your consent. In addition, modern keypads are difficult to hack. Most of the time, it would be simpler for an intruder to get physically into your house than it would be to figure out your keypad code!

Keyless Entry Uses a Biometric System

These controls, more frequently referred to as fingerprint scanners, are now being offered by many well-known garage door opener companies. They use rolling code technology, which simplifies and boosts security for your entry system, and the majority may be set up to remember up to ten different fingerprints.

More Do-It-Yourself Security

Although keyless entry is a fairly safe technology, there are some simple steps you can do to keep it that way. First, the keypad itself should receive particular care when using numeric keypads. Maintaining a clean pad and frequently updating your code will prevent uneven wear on some numbers that could give away your code. Additionally, most openers let you set up temporary passcodes for visitors that expire after a given period, protecting you from having to reveal your actual code to everyone.

Are Wireless Keypad Garage Door Controls Safe?

The short answer is yes! They are extremely safe. Although no home security system is 100% fail-proof, these keypads\\\’ convenience and cutting-edge safety features make them well worth the investment. Please do not hesitate to call one of our fully licensed experts at Palms Garage Doors at any time if you have further questions!

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Palms Garage Doors is a leading garage door company offering wireless keypad installation to homes and businesses. With years of experience, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality services for all your garage door needs. We can take care of any garage door issue you have, whether it is a garage door repair or a simple replacement. One of the most reputable garage door service providers in the Greater Bay Area, we pride ourselves on our quick response time and knowledgeable specialists in every garage door problem. If you hire us, you will have one less thing to worry about. So call us right now, and we will send you free estimates.


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September 19, 2022

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