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A suburban homeowner from Danville, CA, called Palms Garage Doors for a garage door hinge replacement. They noticed cracks in some hinges on their garage door’s panels. Their garage door also felt heavy every time they lifted it. We sent our team to the residential location to address their concern. Upon spot inspection, we found four out of eight side hinges had cracks, and the rest were starting to rust. Fortunately, we had the same type of hinges needed for the replacement. We immediately replaced all the hinges, lubricated all the hardware, and securely tightened every screw. The client was so grateful for having done the repair service efficiently.

It may be time to replace your garage door hinges if they show wear symptoms. They may get rusty and less efficient at doing their job over time. In addition, your door may become imbalanced, which puts additional strain on the opener and other components. Finally, your garage door may not open or close properly due to a faulty hinge, resulting in more damage. So it is critical to replace the damaged hinge as soon as you see the early signs of wear.

Are All Garage Door Hinges the Same?

As they connect the various parts of the door, garage door hinges play a crucial role in the structural assembly of your garage door. They come in various types, depending on where they are positioned on the door sections.

This essential garage door component is offered in different designs, sizes, and thicknesses (gauge). Residential garage doors usually have wide-bodied 14-gauge hinges. Also, hinges have stamped numbers from one to ten depending on where they are installed on your door.

Why Do Garage Door Hinges Break?

Garage door hinges break for the following reasons:

Poor-Quality Hinges

Poor quality is one of the leading causes of garage door hinges breaking earlier than intended. The quality of the garage door hinges should be good if you purchase a new garage door from a reputable manufacturer. However, if your garage door is older, it may be possible that the hinges used were of low-cost, subpar quality.

The number of cycles that garage door hinges go through each day is countless. Due to the weight and motion of the garage door, they are put under much strain. For the hinges’ and the garage door’s long-term reliability, garage door hinge quality is crucial.

Mismatched and Unbalanced Door Hinges

Mismatched hinges or uneven garage doors increase the tension on the hinge. That is another reason a garage door hinge could fail earlier than expected. For example, three pairs of garage door hinges are necessary if you have a single-car, four-panel sectional overhead garage door. The pairs, however, are not identical. Instead, they are distinct from each other based on the weight they must carry. The numbers stamped on these hinges indicate where they should be placed.

Lack of Routine Upkeep

Another factor contributing to garage door hinge failure is poor maintenance. Always do routine inspections and preventive maintenance on your garage door, including the door hinges.

Check to determine if the bolts holding the hinge to the door have come loose. If so, make sure to tighten them. Lubricate the pins as well. Loosened bolts and dry roller pins increase the tension on the hinge.

We highly recommend using premium lubricant purchased from your garage door service provider, such as Palms Garage Doors. A high-quality silicone lubricant spray with Teflon acts like grease and is perfect for metal-to-metal contact and movement. Following this simple and quick maintenance, you can keep your garage door functioning smoothly and prevent corrosion.

Garage Door Repair near Me

Garage door hinge replacement is a relatively simple task, but it is ideal to do it safely and correctly to avoid damage to your door. If you are having issues with your garage door involving garage door hinges, it might not be enough to replace the damaged hinge. Instead, have a professional inspect your garage door. Palms Garage Door is the one to call! We are licensed and insured so that you can guarantee premium garage door service every time.

Who does not want their garage door to work like new? A specialist from Palms Garage Door will let you know if the garage door needs repair, replacement, or upkeep. Call us for a free estimate today!


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September 5, 2022

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