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A homeowner in Milpitas, CA, reached out to Palms Garage Doors because they needed a compact yet effective opener for their garage door. Our specialist evaluated their door and suggested the Liftmaster 85503 Garage Opener with MyQ connectivity, describing how its cutting-edge technology and strength would be ideal for the task. Following the client\\\’s approval, we placed an order, and a few days later, we installed the garage door opener. The garage door opener opened the door without a hitch, and we stayed to carry out further inspections and give instructions on how to operate the opener\\\’s technology. The client expressed satisfaction with our garage door opener installation service for garage door openers and promised to recommend us to his friends.

Gone were the days when a garage door opener was considered a luxury. Garage door automation is one of the most exciting things as we look to the future. Not only does this new technology promise to make our lives more convenient, but it can also help us become more energy-efficient and even improve our safety and security. So what are some of the top innovations in garage door openers? Here are some of the features that you can be excited about:

Garage Door Smartphone App Connectivity

There is no denying that smartphones have become integral to our lives. They provide people with a level of convenience and connectivity unimaginable just a few years ago. And homeowners can now use their smartphones to open and monitor their garage doors.

Apps like MyQ technology allow homeowners to operate their garage doors from anywhere in the world. Such apps allow you to remotely open and close your garage door, even when you are not at home. With notifications and ongoing monitoring, you can always stay up-to-date on the status of your garage door, and rest assured, knowing that it is safe and secure. Thanks to the improved passcode and locking mechanisms, this app is easy and convenient, giving you one less thing to worry about when you are away from home.

Garage Door Wireless Vehicle Activation System

As you approach your garage, your car door opener starts working automatically, opening the door for you. This system, a standard feature in many new vehicles, makes life much easier by being compatible with various garage door opener systems. With its clever sensors, the door opener can tell when your car is nearby and will start opening the door, making the whole process much simpler and more streamlined. This technology and garage laser-guided parking devices are becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry. Combining the two technologies makes it simpler to maneuver and park appropriately, and this door opener does not need a lot of additional garage door opener installation accessories or equipment.

Backup Battery

Nothing is worse than getting out of your car in the cold weather and manually opening your garage door when the electricity is out. Palms Garages Doors has the perfect solution for this problem with the LiftMaster 8550 garage opener. This opener is battery-operated, so it will still work even if there is a power outage. The battery backup can run the opener for up to 40 complete cycles in 24 hours. Once the power is back on, the opener will recharge itself.

As we continue to find new ways to make our lives more convenient, safe, and efficient, it is no surprise that garage doors have undergone some major changes. With the introduction of newer, more user-friendly designs and advanced safety features, today\\\’s garage doors are a far cry from past bulky, unwieldy mechanisms. In addition, many of today\\\’s garage door models can be controlled with the simple push of a button. Thanks to the spread of wireless technology.

Garage Door Opener Services from Palms Garage Doors

If you want to keep up with the latest garage door opener models but are unsure where to begin, talk to Palms Garage Doors. As an industry leader, we are constantly updated on the most recent developments in garage doors, opener technology, and garage door installation. That is why we can guide you in selecting the best garage door openers for you. We proudly serve the Greater Bay Area, so call us now for more information.


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September 19, 2022

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