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Palms Garage Doors had a Garage Door Maintenance project in San Jose, CA.  The homeowner called for garage door maintenance since their garage door had not been serviced for a long time. We responded quickly to their request for garage door maintenance San Jose as the homeowner was looking for a residential garage door repair company.  We were able to fully inspect and service the garage door and opener for the homeowner.

Everyone wants to save money and be safe. In some instances, waiting longer to solve a garage door problem might result in higher repair costs. Many garage door issues worsen with time. If left neglected, simple garage door maintenance might become an unnecessary and expensive repair job.

Consider These Reasons to Maintain Your Garage Door 

Likely, your garage door needs some kind of maintenance or repair, whether you recognize it or not. In many houses, the garage door is an afterthought, and this is why you need garage door repair now:

Gaps Between the Door and Ground – Warping produced by water or other substances causes gaps between the garage door and the ground. This increases the risk of pests and intruders getting into your garage, and this also gives them access to your stuff and maybe your house.

Preventing Surprise Repairs – Don’t pay more for a broken garage door. Simple garage door maintenance may help avoid significant garage door troubles.

Working Sensors – Inspecting and maintaining your garage door’s sensors is essential. Your door won’t shut if they aren’t operating correctly. If your door closes irregularly, your sensors may require cleaning or realigning. Clear the sensor regions of debris.

Rust Prevention –  Many springs and wires support garage doors, and they may fail if any of them rust or get damaged. Having them inspected annually helps prevent corrosion and keeps you safe.

Other Advantages of Garage Door Maintenance

You’re probably aware of the importance of garage door care, and you may have overlooked any other advantages. Some advantages for garage door upkeep include:

Safety – Don’t let your garage door endanger you and your family. Garage door incidents cause many injuries every year, and you may injure your children or pets as well as damage your car. Garage doors are hefty and may cause severe damage.

Convenience – Garage doors enable you to easily escape the heat, cold, rain, and snow. A damaged garage door is a major hassle which makes getting out of the cold and into your house a problem.

Longevity – A garage door and opener are an investment, and the absence of lubrication and alignment of tracks might cause harm to your garage door system. So you may have to replace them sooner.

Preventing Expensive Repairs – A garage door that suddenly fails may be pretty expensive to repair or replace. A damaged garage door might be a surprise expense. Replacement garage doors are often the consequence of neglect. The cost of neglecting your garage door and opener is high, so preventive maintenance saves money in the long run.

Enhanced Property Value – Homeowners like well-maintained residences. New or well-maintained garage doors may boost your home’s value. A worry-free garage door will appeal to buyers.

As previously said, garage doors might develop issues that only a certified residential garage door repair professional can fix. Remember that fixing a garage door on your own is difficult and takes expertise and experience. Garage door repair companies are the best choice for residential garage door repairs—contact Palms Garage Doors for garage door maintenance or new garage door installation.

Palms Garage Doors is committed to being a leader in installing and repairing new garage doors. Allow us to assist you in selecting the right garage door for your home, and remember, we are always available for a free estimate. Palms Garage Doors can help you since we provide business and residential garage door repair services in San Jose, CA, and the neighboring areas. Call for more information at (833) 833-3361, and our team of experts will immediately respond to your request.


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December 26, 2021

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