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A property owner from Danville, CA, called Palms Garage Doors for a garage door installation. The house was recently vacated by a tenant and was ready for occupancy. However, the garage door was old, so the owner decided on a replacement to attract potential renters. The client also requested added insulation since their property is situated in Danville, where summers are usually long and dry. Our team arrived at the location the same day and gathered all the information and the requisite procedures before the actual installation. After two weeks of panel fabrication, we have completed the installation. The property owner was delighted with their newly-installed wooden sectional garage door. They even commended us for hassle-free and prompt service.

Finding the ideal garage door for your property is something we like doing at Palms Garage Doors. But until we have skillfully placed it, our job is not finished. So while you can relax knowing our qualified specialists are good at what we do, you must also understand how the installation will work. This knowledge will contribute to making sure everything goes smoothly.

What Do You Need to Install a Garage Door?

Surprisingly, your garage door may contribute to your home’s curb appeal, depending on how your home is laid out. However, a broken garage door can make it look unattractive instead of making your property stand out among the others in the community. The following are the things you need to know about the complete process of garage door installation.

The Requisites before Installation

The installation process begins at this point. Since every garage is unique, we must visit the location to check everything. We start by collecting all the data and measurements we need. This step is crucial to ensure your custom installation goes as smoothly as possible.

The Installation’s Schedule

After the pre-installation check is finished, we will arrange for your installation to take place on a day that fits your schedule. After it has been booked, mark the date in your calendar or set a phone alarm as a reminder, so you do not forget. On the day of installation, you must be on site for us to access your garage.

Preparing Your Garage for the Installation

Our installers need to be able to work in a secure area to install your garage door correctly. Thus, make sure to clear the area of any obstructions and provide our team with a clutter-free workspace before they come. If not, it could be necessary to postpone the installation. Moreover, our installers will require access to a power source, ideally a direct one, as extension cords can be dangerous.

How to Care For Your New Garage Door

Garage doors need annual maintenance even after they have been installed professionally. It is simple to understand why. Most garage doors open and close over a thousand times annually. Since they are constructed with many moving parts, this much movement can eventually result in cracked panels, chipped paint, and worn-out components.

At Palms Garage Doors, we highly advise you to have your garage door serviced yearly. Doing this may increase your door’s lifespan, save on repair expenses, and prevent early problems with your garage door. We also encourage our clients to enroll in our planned maintenance program. This offer enables you to frequently have your garage door inspected and serviced at a reduced service cost.

Meanwhile, you can do a lot on your own to maintain your garage door. With frequent cleaning, lubricating, and monitoring for and addressing any strange noises and activity, you can save yourself from costly repairs or, worst-case scenario, an untimely replacement.

Garage Door Installation near Me

Are you looking for a new garage door? Palms Garage Doors offers a wide selection of high-quality garage doors to match your preference and lifestyle! We also have a team of experts that can handle every garage door situation—from garage door installation, garage door repair, and part replacement, including garage door opener and garage door spring. So contact us today, and we can help you review your options. In all service inquiries, we provide free estimates.


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September 5, 2022

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