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Palms Garage Doors had a garage door cable replacement project in San Jose CA. The homeowner called for emergency garage door repair service since their garage door cable broke. We responded to their request for garage door repair San Jose quickly as the homeowner was looking for a residential garage door repair company.  We were able to make the garage door cable repairs quickly so that the homeowner could use their garage again.

A reliable garage door company like Palms Garage Doors will offer a wide range of garage door repair services. You’ll need a residential garage door repair company that can handle any garage door issue, including garage door cable replacement. Any garage door firm must have technical expertise and proficiency, so choose the proper team to deal with any garage door problem.

One common garage door issue is a broken garage door cable

You should be able to recognize the signs that your garage door is damaged and that a garage door cable replacement from reliable service providers is necessary. At least once a year, cables should be inspected and replaced if the damage is discovered. Fraying wires are the most typical cause of failure.

If the cables are fraying, you’ll notice that some of the wires are damaged and the cables are starting to separate from one another during a visual check. It’s time to repair the cables if you notice fraying. The door can slide sideways or off track if a cable breaks while it is opening or shutting.

If a cable breaks and the door falls off-track, there’s a high likelihood that other components will be damaged as well. It’s critical to look over the loop on the cable that connects to the bottom bracket. On both sides of the garage door, this loop and bottom bracket are attached to the bottom of the bottom panel. These loops connect the garage door’s cable, drums, and spring system, allowing you to conveniently open and close your garage door.

When inspecting the cables, look for any signs of rusting or oxidation. If you see rust or oxidation on the cables, you should replace them immediately because these are weak points where the cable may break. We recommend spraying the cables with a garage door spray lubrication at least once a year to keep them in good shape and extend their life.

A spray lubrication will protect the cables from rust and oxidation, which can cause them to fail prematurely. Check the balance of the garage door if you discover the cables are fraying. If the cables are frayed, the springs may have become weak, putting additional strain on the cables.

Old age, which is caused by the cumulative wear and strain of opening the garage door, is the most typical cause of garage door cables failing. If the wires rust, they may eventually snap if there is too much rust present. Fraying of the wires might also occur over time, leading to their fracture.

What can you do to keep your garage door cables from breaking?

Regularly inspect the cables for fraying or rust buildup. Request maintenance of repair services on a biannual or annual basis, which should allow any cable faults to be detected and resolved quickly. If you suspect that the wires in your garage door have snapped, you should contact a professional residential garage door repair technician.

Palms Garage Doors services include overhead garage door installation, remote control programming repairs, replacement of broken spring, garage door opener repairs/ installation, garage door repairs for residences, garage door repairs for commercial establishments, roller replacement, panel replacement cables repairing, and upgrading to insulated doors or energy-efficient doors.

Palms Garage Doors also offers same-day garage door repair service, no additional costs for weekends or nights, and emergency repair service for the Greater Bay Area, including San Francisco, San Jose CA, and Oakland. Call for any assistance at (833) 833-3361, and our team of experts will immediately respond to your request.


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December 5, 2021

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