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A customer in Livermore, CA, called Palms Garage Doors with a garage door problem. One of their lift cables had snapped, causing the door to lift unevenly. Knowing they needed to refrain from using the door until a professional could take a look, the customer asked for an emergency garage door cable replacement. Upon inspection, our technician noted that the other cable had frayed due to rust and corrosion. We suggested replacing both cables as it was only a matter of time before they snapped. The customer was happy that they took the precautionary measure that could save them from potential trouble in the future.

Over time, garage door cables can fray, lose tension, and ultimately break. There are many types of garage door cables, and knowing the right one to buy is essential if you want to fix a broken or snapped cable. These straightforward tips will teach you more about the various garage door cable types.

Differences between Torsion Spring Cables and Extension Spring Cables

There are two main ways your garage door can be opened: with torsion springs and extension springs. The operation of the door is based on the distinction between these two types of springs. Torsion springs are attached to the bottom of the door, and tension is created as you pull open the door. 

Extension springs, often known as \\”stretch springs,\\” are used to create counterbalance on many garage doors. When the garage door is closed, the extension springs are compressed. The force exerted on the springs by the garage door varies depending on how frequently you use it.

If your garage lacks much elevation, extension springs may be the perfect solution for you. These cables attach to the bottom corners of the door itself by a horizontal track installed alongside the garage. Extension springs provide an easy and inexpensive way to add extra height to your garage without purchasing additional hardware or repairs. 

There Are Other Types of Cables That You Should Be Aware Of

Three cables are essential to your garage door\\\’s operation- the lifting cable, the holding cable, and the emergency release cable. If one of these cables breaks, you may not be able to open your garage safely. So be sure to keep your cables in good condition by regularly checking for frays or tears and replacing any worn or damaged parts.

Your garage door opens due to the power of a cable, which also has the highest breakage risk. Your door may lift and lower itself with the assistance of cables that power the axle. Operating your garage door will not be possible if one of these cables breaks.

When the extension spring in a door starts to break or fail, a safety cable is attached to it to keep the snapped parts from falling. The cables pass through each extension spring and are fastened to each end of the door. This way, the cables will keep everything in place if something goes wrong with the spring when it breaks.

Having safety cables on your garage door is essential for keeping you and your family safe. Without them, the damaged spring can shoot out at high speed through your door, potentially injuring you or damaging things inside the garage. Every time you open your garage door without safety cables, you risk suffering an injury or death.

Furthermore, understanding your garage door cables can help you to save time and money on garage door cable replacement and garage door repair.

Garage Door Repair Near me

At Palms Garage Doors, we know how important it is to have a dependable garage door service provider. We offer garage door service in the Greater Bay Area. We hold both a license and insurance. Our team of professionals is devoted to providing quick response times to take care of your repairs or installation. We know you will appreciate our dedication to providing the best possible service!

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July 19, 2022

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