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In Sunnyvale, CA, a warehouse owner contacted Palms Garage Doors for garage door installation. They wanted to retain the same color as their old garage door but wanted one with a fresh, contemporary look to add style and class to their facility. After discussing their commercial garage door options, they settled on a modern sectional steel door with windows. We completed the installation in just one week, impressing the business owner with our customer-oriented approach.

No matter what type or size of business you run, keeping your property safe and secure is critical. Installing a commercial garage door is one way to do this. However, with so many various types and styles of garage doors available for commercial application, deciding which one is ideal for your business can be challenging. So, let us learn more about commercial garage doors, the benefits they can bring to your building, and the type your business needs.

Residential vs. commercial garage doors

Commercial and residential garage doors are similar in construction and components, yet they differ in many ways. For example, residential garage doors are rarely thicker than 2 inches, but commercial garage doors can be up to 3 inches thick. Furthermore, the tracks used in commercial garage doors are typically larger, up to 3\”, whereas residential tracks only require 2\” hardware. Commercial garage doors’ spring systems offer higher-cycle springs (25k to 100k-cycles) to enhance long life in high-usage applications. Depending on the amount of clearance available, commercial garage doors can accommodate a high lift or full vertical lift on top of the regular lift found on residential garage doors. And finally, commercial garage door openers require larger, electric openers that rely on higher voltage to produce more force.

Types of commercial garage doors

Sectional steel doors

Sectional steel doors are the most common garage doors used in commercial environments. Available in a wide range of thicknesses and energy-efficient options, these doors are ideal for heavy-duty applications requiring protection against the elements, such as docks or warehouses. In addition, they come with many exterior color selections and optional windows to make a bold design statement without compromising functionality.

Rolling steel doors

Rolling steel garage doors are a durable option made of corrugated steel to withstand any impact. They are an excellent choice for businesses that require a dependable, heavy-duty, and space-saving door. The metal curtain on this style of overhead door rolls up and stows in a barrel positioned at the top of the door assembly. 

High-speed doors

With a direct drive opener, high-speed commercial garage doors can open and close 54 inches per second. These doors outperform all other types of commercial garage doors in terms of speed. As a result, they help boost productivity and efficiency while also conserving electricity. They also require less maintenance than commercial doors with cables, wheels, and springs.

All-glass doors

All-glass garage door alternatives give panoramic windows and commercial-grade protection for commercial buildings that house dealerships, service stations, repair shops, or any other business that relies on large-scale displays.

Which type of commercial garage door is best for your business?

If you have a facility for storage, distribution, or manufacturing where you need to open and close your garage door several times to load and unload items, go for a high-speed door. These doors are fast when operating and energy-efficient, preserving internal temperatures with quick-closing doors.

If you have a commercial space with high foot traffic, steel sectional doors are the appropriate solution as they are secured, energy-efficient, and insulated. In addition, steel sectional doors are among the most durable commercial garage doors on the market, making them an excellent choice for businesses that use and store heavy machinery or large vehicles.

Is there a commercial garage door in your business or industrial site that needs to be serviced, maintained, repaired, or perhaps replaced? Look no further than Palms Garage Doors‘ professional and quality garage door services. We are the experts on commercial garage doors, serving businesses in and around the Greater Bay Area with repair and installation. So whether you are looking for a new commercial garage door or need maintenance work on an existing one, Palms Garage Doors is here to help. Call us at (833) 833-3361 for inquiries and free estimates.


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June 3, 2022

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