When your garage door sensors do not light up, they will not pick up any motion. Unfortunately, this means you will be unable to open the door again unless you find a way to get around it. Not being able to get in and out of your garage because the garage door sensor is faulty can be an extremely frustrating experience. Still, with some understanding of how the sensors work, you can figure out how to fix them and get your garage door working again.

Here are several reasons why your garage door sensors might not be lighting up, along with suggestions on keeping your garage door secure and safe.

How Do Garage Door Sensors Work?

Garage door sensors operate via photo eye technology. These infrared sensors are positioned two to six inches above the ground on either side of your garage door. When you press the button to open the garage door, the remote control sends a signal to the sensors on the door. The photo eyes’ primary function is to stop the door from closing on someone or something.

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Sensor Is Not Working

Something is blocking your sensor’s path.

Obstruction is one of the frequent reasons for garage door sensor issues. Many things in the garage can obstruct the sensors, so ensure nothing is blocking them before attempting to fix them. For example, your garage door sensor may have dust, filth, and cobwebs on the sensor lenses. When necessary, use a paper towel or soft cloth to remove dust and cobwebs from the sensor lenses. 

There is a problem with the sensor’s power supply.

The sensor’s green light indicates that the power source is functioning well, and there are no issues. You will know if sensors lack power and cannot receive signals if both sensors’ lights are off. Check whether the cable is unplugged to prevent the garage door from closing. The fuse may blow when there is a voltage drop or a power loss. The sensors will resume working after the power supply has been restored.

There is damage to the sensor wires.

Wire damage is one of the most severe issues with sensors on garage doors. Depending on the garage door model, a sensor that flashes orange instead of the usual red light may signal this problem.

Examine each wire from the sensor to the terminal on the opener’s rear with great care. Untangle tangled wires to see whether they are broken or twisted. Minor electrical troubleshooting is likely required if this does not work. Always leave any electrical or wiring work to an expert like Palms Garage Doors, as this can be very tricky and potentially dangerous.

Garage Door Sensors Replacement

It is time for garage door sensor replacement if the door is intermittently closing and the sensors are not lighting up. If neither of the solutions presented above resolves the problem (clearing the path from any obstruction, properly cleaning the photo eye sensors, and rechecking the wiring), installing new garage door sensors is the safest and best action for you.

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