Our daily lives have undoubtedly improved thanks to smart technologies. We have smartphones, smart watches, smart home appliances, and even vehicles today. So it only makes sense that smart garage door openers would follow. At Palms Garage Doors, we take great pride in offering you the most up-to-date technology for your commercial or residential garage door needs. Let us look at the most recent technology currently offered for garage doors and what might be in store for the foreseeable future. We also always keep an eye on innovations in our business.

The Latest Technology Used in Garage Doors

Garage doors appear to be improving all the time. For example, you can get a garage door that offers insulation, energy efficiency, and safety. But to get the most out of them, these great doors need to be paired with an equally fantastic garage door opener.

Installing a Smart Garage Door Opener

The smart garage door opener is arguably the most widely used application of smartphone technology. However, the idea is the same regardless of the brand you choose to install: use your smartphone to open your garage door instead of a battery-operated opener or by hand! By installing one in your garage, you can enjoy its many benefits. Some are listed below:


Have you ever forgotten to lock the garage door before leaving the house? Smart technology will enable you to receive a notification whenever the door is left unlocked, saving you the time and effort of returning home to close it. Just download the app for the brand of smart opener you buy. And with just one tap from your smartphone, you can quickly open and close your garage door or turn on and off your lights.


Smart garage door openers let you manage the status of your garage door from the palm of your hand, wherever you are and whenever you want. Additionally, they eliminate the need to carry with you your garage remote and the possibility of losing it. Also, if the chosen model is compatible, you can connect it to voice activation assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

This kind of technology is also beneficial if you need to let someone into your garage when you are not home or have to leave town. You can manage anything directly from your phone with a smart garage door. For example, do you enjoy online shopping but worry about deliveries being left outside unsafe? You can program the opening and closing of the door to grant delivery access to the garage without relying on anyone else.

Sensors for Object Detection

The sensors’ job is to identify things that get in the way while doors close. The garage door’s most valuable feature right now is this one. Homeowners receive alerts from sensors when they detect objects, allowing them to take things out of the way and enable the garage door to operate. This safety feature is found helpful for individuals with young children at home.

Connect Your Garage to Your Home Monitoring System

Smart door technology offers homeowners peace of mind by giving them complete control over their home’s security 24/7. For example, you may connect video cameras and motion-activated systems to every point of entry in your garage if you have a home monitoring system. When programmed, it can trigger the security camera to start recording or taking a picture if the garage door is opened or closed randomly. You can even receive a notification on your smartphone whenever someone tries to access your home by fiddling with your garage door or windows. So when you leave town, leave the kids at home, or whenever your house is unoccupied, having this kind of technology might provide you peace of mind.

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