Does your house have a garage? If yes, what do you use it for? Although the traditional use of garages is for storing vehicles when not in use, you will find many creative ways to utilize this space in your home. This article will cover the top 5 best uses that will inspire you to transform your garage into a brand new space.

Organized storage room

Are you someone who likes collecting a lot of things? Do your collections no longer fit in your hall closet and bookshelves? If you have been collecting items and you have not thrown anything, then you are someone who could certainly benefit from garage storage. Start by grabbing some shelving and garage storage closets, add some toolboxes if you have any extra tools, and presto, your garage is organized.

Entertainment space

If you have no plans on parking in your garage, you may turn it into an entertainment room or a man cave. A garage entertainment room could be what you exactly need if you enjoy entertaining but lack the space or resources to do so inside your house. Consider whether you want to include a couch with a big-screen TV, an arcade, a luxury dining room, or other forms of entertainment. The options are limitless.

Children’s playroom

Not all families have the space in their homes to use as a children’s playroom. If you wish for a dedicated technology-free playroom with plenty of space for your kids to run around and play, the garage could be the perfect spot for it. Install the floor with carpet with a soft underlayment or soft foam tiles to keep the kids safe and put some storage for all of their toys, and this often overlooked part of the house can be a safe playroom for your children.

Home office and study

If you do not have enough space inside your home and do much work from home, the garage might be a perfect area to set up a home office. You can partition your garage to make room for your car or take up the entire space. If you are a voracious reader, you have probably fantasized about starting your library. Decorate your garage with beautiful in-home flooring, stylish bookshelves, and your favorite books to turn it into your dream home library.

Craft and workshop

With their easy-to-clean surfaces, garages make an excellent craft and workshop space. Whether upcycling furniture or repairing a car, you can do all your handy jobs in your garage. Your garage also provides some weather protection, so your ongoing work will be secure from rain, snow, and the scorching sun. Installing pegboards, shelves, and vertical storage can easily transform your garage into a functional workshop.

Things to consider when remodeling your garage

Do not forget to do a cost-benefit analysis

Garage renovations are costly. Remember to consider the cost of construction permits for any electrical, plumbing, ventilation, heating and cooling, or framing changes.

Plan out your renovation project

Homeowners frequently rush into remodeling projects without fully considering everything there is to them. It helps to plan your renovation in stages, starting with the framing, then the electrical, HVAC, the walls, and finally the flooring.

Consider your insulation needs

If you plan to spend much time in your garage, you must ensure that it is insulated to help you keep a pleasant temperature throughout the year. So aside from adding extra heating and cooling equipment, you might as well replace your garage door with an insulated model.

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