There is no denying that a garage door is an essential component of any home. It protects your vehicle from the elements while also providing privacy and security. So, if your garage door begins to malfunction, you must address the issue sooner rather than later. When your garage door breaks down, you have two alternatives: repair or replacement. Should you repair your garage door or replace it altogether? While there is no definite answer to this question because each homeowner’s needs are different, there are a few factors to bear in mind.

When to repair a garage door?

Garage door repair is viable if your garage door only has minor problems, like loose rollers, worn tracks, or broken springs. Minor repairs cost less than a complete replacement and can help your door last longer. Garage door repair is recommended in the following situations:

The garage door suddenly stopped working

You will need to get a repair if your door suddenly stops working. Broken spring, snapped belt, and faulty garage door opener are just a few of the typical garage door parts that could go wrong. Still, they are also the most straightforward issues for a professional technician to identify and repair.

The garage door has one or two damaged panels

A damaged garage door panel can usually be repaired, and it is possible to replace only one or two panels of a garage door. However, it would be best to fix it immediately to prevent the damage from worsening, which can impact your garage door’s overall performance and lifespan.

The garage door is crooked or sagging

A crooked or sagging door is often caused by worn-out springs. Fortunately, garage door spring replacement is a relatively simple and affordable remedy. Instead of spending money on a new door, replace the springs, and your door will be functional again.

The garage door is stuck

Cold temperatures, jammed or obstructed tracks, broken springs, and off-track doors are the most common causes of stuck garage doors with straightforward solutions. Troubleshooting and fixing a stuck garage door can even be done as a DIY.

When to replace a garage door?

Garage door replacement is recommended if the damage is severe enough to affect the door’s integrity. The upfront cost of replacing a garage door may be costly, but there is good news if you expect to sell your home soon: installing a new garage door pays off handsomely. Garage door replacement is recommended in the following situations:

The garage door has multiple damaged panels

Getting a replacement door is worth considering if the damage is spread across multiple panels. If the damage were caused by a vehicle collision or a strong storm, the damage would most likely be more extensive than a little scratch. Depending on the damage, it may be easier to replace the door than to repair the individual panels.

The garage door has structural damage

If your door is causing you problems regularly, it may be time to replace it. Moreover, if you have been putting off repairs or have seen structural deterioration to your door, there could be long-term structural damage beyond repair.

The garage door is not energy-efficient

Older garage door models are not efficient in terms of insulation. If you want to save money on your energy bills, upgrade to a newer garage door with better insulation and tighter sealing to help keep heat and cold out of your house.

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