A garage door tune-up is a routine maintenance call that includes a short visual inspection of your door system’s working parts. It includes checking the tracks, hinges, springs, and rollers and ensuring everything is working smoothly. After a thorough examination, a qualified technician will be able to determine the nature of any wear and tear on the garage door. In addition, a thorough examination will make it easier for them to recommend repairs and replacements as needed.

Once the technician has completed the exterior inspection, they lubricate all door opening and closing mechanisms. This includes lubricating rollers and hinges, replacing broken or damaged hardware, and ensuring that door hardware is in working order. A roller door is a complex piece of equipment; each part must be serviced and lubricated correctly to ensure proper operation. Excess grease on the rollers causes a sticky squeaking sound. Inefficient service can cause long-term roller damage and premature failure.

Get your garage door tuned up twice annually—or anytime you notice an issue, like your door not closing properly or making loud noises. If you recently encountered a repair, consider maintenance or tune-up every six months.

Why Should You Get Garage Door Tune-Ups Regularly?

Regular garage door tune-ups can help prolong the life of your garage door and may even save you money on repair costs. Furthermore, a tune-up can be done regularly to avoid being without your garage door for long periods in the future.

A garage door tune-up is a great investment for your home. Regularly inspecting the moving parts, springs, and various other garage door components will minimize wear and save you money in the long run. This task should be done semi-annually, but you can also bring in our experts when you notice any issues with your garage door.

Here are Signs Your Garage Door Needs a Tune-Up

If you ever hear an unusual grinding noise or any sound indicating a problem, stop using the machine immediately and check for loose accessories or debris on the track.

If your door is difficult to open or doesn’t close smoothly, it could use a tune-up. Fortunately, the problem is usually simple: Sometimes, open/ closing forces have been reduced by corrosion and wear. In other cases, loose bolts need tightening or lubrication to get things moving freely again.

If your weatherstripping is worn or torn, door rollers are chipped or cracked and prevent proper door operation; this can lead to increased noise and energy costs, a reduced lifespan, and an increased risk of injury.

If your garage door has bends or breaks, it’s time to call us. Environmental factors and overuse can lead to these issues, but they can also be caused by someone slamming the door too hard. That kind of damage happens inside your garage. Don’t risk accidents or safety hazards; call our staff right away.

Setting up an annual tune-up will keep your garage door opener running smoothly, ensuring that it operates without fail. Our technicians will inspect all moving parts, lubricate the door rails, check all connections and springs, and adjust the sensors and drums. You can even schedule this service with a click of a button or when you need it.

At Palms Garage Doors, we offer routine garage door maintenance for all types of garage doors. Our technicians will inspect the whole door, check for damage and wear, adjust door settings, lubricate moving parts and install new rollers if required. Call us at (833) 833-3361 today to find out more details about our services and schedule an appointment!

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