Over 70% of modern homeowners use attached garages as the primary way to get into their homes. Therefore, keeping garage door openers and parts in good working condition is essential. It is crucial to ensure everything is functioning correctly. Follow these simple guidelines to help keep your family and guests safe all year round.

Family Awareness on Garage Door Safety

Hospitals treat approximately 15,000 people for garage door-related injuries each year. Keep fingers, arms, and clothing away from the garage door when operating, and do not duck under a closing door. In addition, children should be taught that the garage door is not a toy and that they should not stand, run, or play near or under a moving garage door.

Keep Your Garage Door Child-Friendly

Ensure that the remote and keypad for your garage door opener are out of reach.

  • Do not allow children to use the remote control.
  • Keep objects they can climb out of reach (stools, ladders, ropes).
  • Explain to your kids that a garage door is not a toy.
  • Never let a kid, or anybody, hang off the door.
  • It is crucial to keep an eye on children near the garage.

Get a Garage Door Checkup Regularly.

It is essential to keep your garage door in good working condition by having it checked by a professional on a routine basis. This way, you can avoid any accidents or injuries that may occur if it were to malfunction. A trained technician will inspect the garage door springs, wires, and other components to ensure everything is in proper working order. A properly maintained garage door runs quietly and smoothly and opens and closes each time the button is pressed.

Call a Professional for Assistance if Your Garage Door Is Malfunctioning

A garage door is an essential part of keeping your family safe. If it makes loud noises, it may not operate correctly and pose a safety hazard. Be sure to look for other signs of trouble and have a garage door repair schedule such as:

  • A garage door that stops as it goes up or down
  • Loose wires or springs
  • Flashing opener lights

Inspect the Safety Sensors Regularly

A reverse mechanism is now required under federal law for all garage door systems installed on or after January 1, 1993, to prevent anyone from becoming trapped beneath a garage door. A sensor (photo-eye) activates this feature regarding automatic garage doors. These sensors prevent the garage door from closing on anything in its path.

To test this feature, block the door’s route with something before shutting it. If your garage door reverses, your photo eyes are working. If it does not, there may be an obstruction in the way of the door’s sensors. First, check to see if anything is blocking the door’s path and remove it. Then, inspect the photo eyes for dirt or debris and clean them with a soft cloth and mild cleaner. Once you have cleaned the lenses, repeat the test. 

If the problem persists, call a professional to service your garage door. Your photo eye sensors likely need to be replaced or fixed if your garage door does not stop and reverse.

When working with garage doors, it is crucial to be aware of the photo eye sensors. These sensors are vital to the door’s safety and should never be moved or removed. Safety comes first and foremost. Call Palms Garage Doors to arrange an annual visit to keep your door running securely and efficiently.

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