A garage door opener is a wonderful invention that makes entering and exiting your home much easier. But what happens if the device fails? If your garage door opener stops working, you may be stuck inside (outside) your home. 

Fortunately, you have several options for repairing your garage door opener. You may need to perform some troubleshooting to determine what is wrong with your device, but it will be worthwhile. The experts at Palms Garage Doors put together the information on how to do it.

What to Do if The Opener Is not Responding to the Remote Control or the Wall Switch

When the garage door does not move when the remote or wall switch is pressed, the power supply has almost certainly been disrupted in some way.

Unplugged Motor or Damaged Wires

First, check the door opener’s outlet to ensure the wire is plugged in. Next, inspect the wiring for any damage or breaks.

It is also possible that the fuse, ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet, or circuit breaker powering the door opener circuit has burned out or tripped. That is the most likely reason why other lights or electrical circuits in the garage would not work. Therefore, you should reset the breaker or GFCI or change the burned-out fuse. In addition, there may be a short circuit somewhere in the system, potentially even in the garage door opener, if the circuit breaker or GFCI keeps triggering.

Last but not least, it is possible that the motor in the garage door opener has burned out and is not working at all. You will have to call a professional service provider like Palms Garage Doors to replace the opener.

Remote Control Problem

There are numerous potential fixes when a wireless remote control or mounted keypad fails to control the opener.

As you approach the garage door, you may find that you are out of range of the antenna inside. It is because modern garage door openers work with small radios that operate at about 315mH. To remedy this, move closer to the door so the signal can reach you.

If the door opens and closes without issues using the hardwired wall switch, the remote control or keypad’s battery is probably dead.

If your garage door opener remote control or keypad is not working correctly, you may need to reprogram it. It is a relatively straightforward process, although the specifics vary depending on the make and model of your opener. Consult your owner’s manual or look for online instructions specific to your garage door opener to find out how to reprogram it.

Garage Door Opener System Reset

You might want to reset the opener if your garage door is not working correctly. Depending on your opener’s brand, model, and age, a different procedure may be required to reset it. However, most garage door openers can be reset using a standard method because they are typically easy to reprogram. Older models use DIP switches, and newer models have a Learn or Home button.

DIP Type Opener System Resetting

Although numbers can vary, most devices contain a sequence of 9 or 12 switches. These switches are included on the main garage door opener and the portable remotes. Switches have two toggle positions: off and on. The in-garage motor and the handheld remote’s switch pattern must match for the garage door opener to work. Therefore, you might need to take out a control panel or cover to access the switches.

Newer Model Opener System Resetting

Find the Learn or Home button on your motor to reset your system. This button will likely be next to an LED on the same side as the device’s antenna. Depending on your model, you may need to remove an access panel to reach the button.

When you find the Learn or Home button on your garage door opener, you need to hold it down for five to six seconds. For some models, this is all it takes to reprogram the opener. However, in some cases, you may need to quickly push the same button again to reset the opener after holding down the button until the LED turns off.

Garage Door Repair near Me

Despite using these fixes, your garage remote or opener does not work? It may be time to contact your local garage door professional for more information as it might need servicing or repair

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