Is a Roll-Up Garage Door Right For You?

If you are in the market for a new residential garage door, you may find that there are different types of garage doors to choose from, and deciding which one is ideal for your home can be tough. Are you considering if a roll-up garage door is the best option for you? In this article, we’ll go over some of the questions you should be asking before you make a decision

Are roll-up garage doors used in homes?

Roll-up garage doors are a type of overhead door where a metal curtain rolls up and stows in a barrel positioned at the top of the door’s assembly. Unlike sectional doors, roll-up garage doors do not have tracks, wheels, hinges, or cables and take up very little room because they are not attached to the ceiling. Roll-up garage doors are usually found in commercial and industrial applications, although it is currently one of the most common types of garage doors that you’ll find on American homes. Corrugated, galvanized or stainless steel sheets are the typical material used to make roll-up garage doors, which are constructed into connected slats that roll up into a coil above the door.

Why should I go for a roll-up garage door?

The biggest advantage of roll-up garage doors is that they save space. When compared to other types of garage doors, roll-up garage doors do not need to be pushed inward at all. When a roll-up door opens, it rises straight up, taking up almost no ceiling space. Because they don’t require tracks across the ceiling, you can free up more storage space. Roll-up garage doors are also as durable as they come. They are constructed of heavy-duty aluminum or steel, which can withstand daily wear and tear and survive extreme weather conditions. These doors come with a straightforward design that decreases the risk of mechanical or electrical failure. So, even if you pay the same for a roll-up garage door as a standard sectional door, it would cost less in the long run since it requires less maintenance.

Is a roll-up garage door the right type for my home?

Whether to have a roll-up garage door or not depends on the style you want to go for and what would work with your home. Generally, roll-up garage doors suit modern suburban homes. So, if you have an older or historic-style house, a modern roll-up door might not look right with your house’s aesthetic character. You may be able to mix and match your main home and the garage door if you have a mid-century modern style in mind.

What about garage door security?

One of the best features of roll-up garage doors is that they are well-built and extremely safe, making them practically impossible to break into. However, the best way to achieve a roll-up door’s maximum security, the installation should be done correctly. A roll-up door’s basic design elements make it quite secure, but it can be broken into when little attention is paid to the mechanics that keep the metal curtain tight when closed. Since most garage doors are purchased for security reasons, you also must pay close attention to the locking system on any roll-up door you choose.

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