Factors That Influence Garage Door Installation Cost

When you want a new garage door installed at home, you want to make sure that everything is focused on your enjoyment, not the cost. However, understanding some of the primary factors that influence the cost of an overhead garage door installation might help you budget for this vital home improvement project. Let’s take a closer look at a few crucial factors to consider when determining the cost of garage door installation.

Garage Door Size

The size of the door is the first thing that will determine how much money you’ll need to spend on a new garage door. The width and height of a standard garage door vary depending on where you live, but the size is typically 8 feet wide and 7 feet tall for single-car garage doors and 16 feet by 7 feet for double-car garage doors. Logically, the installation cost increases with the size of the garage. Because single-car garage doors are smaller and have lower material costs, you can expect them to be less expensive than double-car garage doors. Standard door sizes will also be less expensive than custom sizes since they are readily available at the supplier rather than having to be specially ordered from the factory.


Consider the door’s construction material, as it will have a considerable impact on the entire cost of your new garage door. The price differs depending on whether you choose a steel, wood, or fiberglass door. Custom-made, top-grade hardwood garage doors made of redwood, hemlock, cedar, or mahogany are the most expensive options. The price of a garage door gets less expensive with other options such as fiberglass, vinyl, wood composite, and faux wood. The least expensive garage doors are made of low-cost aluminum or steel.

Opener Type

Another factor that affects the price of installation is whether or not you also need a new garage door opener, and how much that opener costs. Keep in mind that certain styles of doors call for a different sort of garage door opener. Belt- and chain-drive openers cost the least, while direct-drive motors are the most expensive. If you fancy a smart garage door opener, be warned that they are far more expensive to install than simple mechanical units. If you need major wiring work done, you’ll also have to pay more in labor fees.


In the US, there are at least seven major garage door brands, with each brand having its own specialties, perks, and pitfalls. Among the major brands, Wayne Dalton commands the highest price tag. Brands like Raynor, Overhead Door, and Amarr tend to be more affordable. Check with your garage door installer if they have any affiliations with brands that could save you money. Your installer can also assist you in determining which brand will best suit your requirements.

Customization Options

A custom garage door with additional architectural elements will be more costly than a standard one. Add your garage door with features such as insulation, thicker steel, window panels, trim options, or other embellishments and your costs will obviously go up. Other safety features that may raise the price include pinch resistance and tamper resistance.

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